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The Five Strangest Slot Locations on Earth

While we’re still dealing with the after-effects of the pandemic, the travel industry is slowly starting to recover. Air travel is picking back up, cruise ships are sailing again and worldly gamblers are itching to try out their online gaming skills in the real world.

If you’re planning a gambling trip after being cooped up for a couple of years, you might want to make your first excursion an exciting one. After all, we live in odd times, so why not experience some of the strangest slot locations on earth? Read along with us and we’ll show you five of the weirdest and most wonderful slot locations you could possibly play at. 

What Do We Look For In The Strangest Slot Locations?

Every well-traveled gambler has a great win story. These stories become even more exciting when the wins happen in exciting or unusual locations. In order to make our list of the strangest slot locations, these places have to have it all — intrigue, mystery and a little bit of history. At Odds Shark, we’d be very excited for our next win story to happen at any of these dramatic places. From the fantastic to the futuristic, these places have it all:

Aces At The Airport - Holland Casino Schiphol Airport

OK, OK. Maybe it’s not that exotic, but what better way to start your gambling trip than in an airport? The Holland Casino Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam lets you do just that. Although this casino is relatively small, it has a respectable number of slots and offers weary travelers a great way to pass the time between flights. That’s not all, this casino offers classic table games like blackjack and roulette, too. Hours of operation are 06:30-19:45 and if you’re lucky, you may start your vacation with a little extra spending money. 

Sky High Slots - AirJet Airplanes

It’s nice to gamble on the ground, but what if you could win big at 30,000 feet? If AirJet Designs has its way, it could be a possibility for you sooner than later. They’ve proposed a fully equipped casino — including poker, blackjack and the latest slots — on Boeing 777 aircraft. This could definitely bring new meaning to the mile-high club. 

Grotto Gambling - Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

Going in the completely opposite direction, if you truly want to experience gambling Down Under, there’s no better place to play than the Desert Cave Hotel in Australia. Located in Coober Pedy about 500 miles from Adelaide, this casino is one of the most unique in the world. They have a relatively small selection of slots so don’t expect a Las Vegas experience, but the ambiance alone should be enough for you to add this casino to your gambling travel bucket list.

Historic Wins - Casino di Venezia, Italy

If you love history and romance, you must check out the Casino di Venezia, in Venice. In operation for nearly 400 years, this facility is one of the oldest known casinos in the world. As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll instantly be struck by the beauty of this place. It has hundreds of slots to choose from, as well as dozens of table games. One look and you’ll understand how this casino has established itself as the center of entertainment in Venice. 

Forbidden Fun - Casino Pyongyang, North Korea

If you’re really adventurous, Casino Pyongyang is one of only two gaming establishments in North Korea. What’s more, North Koreans aren’t allowed to play here at all. It’s only open to tourists and travelers. The casino is fully staffed with foreign employees and is open seven days a week. They even offer currency exchange for US dollars and British pounds. We can’t think of a better story than winning big in a North Korean casino, but it’s definitely not for the light-hearted traveler.

Where Will Your Next Win Story Take Place?

Whether you’re looking for a grand, glamorous experience or prefer to keep your gambling activities exclusive and low-key, there’s a strange slot location made for you. If you ever get an opportunity to check out some of these unique casinos, you’re sure to have an incredible time. Happy gambling!