Fantastic Four cast odds John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are favored to play two of the main characters

Fantastic Four Cast Odds: Which Actors Will Play Iconic Superheroes Next?

Last week Disney had its big investor meeting and announced a new slate of movies and TV shows that will be coming out. There were a lot of interesting, cool and fun ideas that emerged from the event, but the biggest news was the reunion of Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four are a huge part of the Marvel universe and the movie will be directed by Jon Watts, who has helmed the most recent Spider-Man movies. We have already seen two iterations of these characters, so it will be interesting to see where Marvel Studios decides to go with them this time.

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[Sportsbook not available for your region] has released odds on which actors will play the four lead heroes, Mister Fantastic, The Human Torch, Invisible Woman and The Thing, as well as the key villain Victor Von Doom.

Who Will Be Cast As ‘Mister Fantastic’ In Upcoming Fantastic Four Film?

Odds to play mister Fantastic
John Krasinski+225
John David Washington+400
Dan Stevens+450
Deve Patel+700
Ewan McGregor+850
Glenn Howerton+900
Rahul Kohli+1000
William Jackson Harper+1000

Odds as of December 17 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Marvel Should Give the Fans What They Want

For quite some time, fans of both John Krasinski and the Fantastic Four have hoped that they will add him in the leading role as Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic. Krasinski has the best Fantastic Four cast odds to play Reed Richards at +225.

In March 2019, Marvel Studios regained the film rights to the Fantastic Four, acquiring them from 21st Century Fox. For years the Fantastic Four was owned by Fox, and fans have been disappointed on three different occasions with the outcome of the movies. Ever since the news about the acquisition of the rights, social media has gone crazy with fans hoping that Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt would be cast as Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

If Marvel wants to go with an older cast, Krasinski would be the perfect fit. We have already seen him play a hero in the Amazon Prime TV show Jack Ryan so it’s not far-fetched to envision him in the role of a superhero. Krasinski has the perfect blend of charm, humor and gravitas that would make fans of both the comics and the movies happy to have him as the leader of the Fantastic Four.

Best Value Pick

The dark horse in this race is Glenn Howerton, known mostly for his role as Dennis Reynolds in the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Howerton has great comedic chops and would offer a new twist on the role.

He might be the most “out there” choice on the board but I think he can definitely pass as Reed Richards and his sense of humor might be what Marvel is looking for. Another reason I went with Howerton as an option is because not too long ago, people were surprised to see Chris Pratt cast as Star-Lord in the lead role of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Pratt has gone on to become a mega-superstar after his comedic role in Parks and Recreation and the same could happen with Howerton with a role like this.

Who Will Be Cast As ‘Invisible Woman’ In Upcoming Fantastic Four Film?

Odds to play Invisible Woman
Emily Blunt+350
Lily James+500
Samara Weaving+500
Jessica Chastain+600
Alice Eve+700
Anna Torv+800
Dianna Agron+900
Rose McIver+900
Mackenzie Davis+1200

Odds as of December 17 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Would Marvel Cast Both John and Emily?

I mentioned earlier that fans on social media wanted John Krasinski to play Mister Fantastic; they also went crazy about the prospect of having his real-life wife Emily Blunt play Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman. Blunt has the best Fantastic Four cast odds to play Sue Storm at +350.

Blunt is one of the most prolific actresses in Hollywood these days. She has been in a few action movies and definitely has the acting chops to back it. She is the clear favorite to play this role and to be quite honest, Marvel shouldn’t even look at anyone else.

If they cast Krasinski, then it’s almost certain that they will go with Blunt as his love interest in the movie. Jessica Alba was the first actress to play the role and then Kate Mara played her in the most recent adaptation. Blunt would undoubtedly knock it out of the park, and seeing her work alongside her husband in The Quiet Place proved that the pair have chemistry both on and off the silver screen.

McIver is the Dark Horse

The other possible choice that Marvel might consider to play Sue Storm would be Rose McIver with +900 Fantastic Four cast odds. Similar to Howerton, she would bring a different feel to the role, but she could definitely surprise people with her depth.

McIver is not a well-known actress but she did play the star in the TV show iZombie.  I think Marvel will go with a more well-established actress to play Sue Storm, but don’t count out McIver as a possible choice.

Who Will Be Cast As ‘Doctor Doom’ In Upcoming Fantastic Four Film?

Odds to play doctor doom
Giancarlo Esposito+350
Cillian Murphy+500
Michael Fassbender+500
Viggo Mortensen+500
Oscar Isaac+600
Christoph Waltz+700
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau+700
Wes Bentley+900

Odds as of December 17 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Who Should Play One of Marvel’s Biggest Villains?

There are a lot of great dramatic actors that could be lined up to play the titular villain to face off against the Fantastic Four. Sure, Giancarlo Esposito is a great villain as seen on Breaking Bad, The Boys and The Mandalorian. However, I think the two best choices to play Victor Von Doom are Cillian Murphy at +500 Fantastic Four cast odds and Christoph Waltz at +700.

Murphy is no stranger to comic book movies as he played “The Scarecrow” in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. He most recently was the star of the popular TV show Peaky Blinders. Murphy is an excellent dramatic actor and could bring a lot of interesting cadences to the role.

Best Pick To Play the Big Villain

The actor that I think would be perfect for this role is Christoph Waltz. Waltz became a well-known actor as Colonel Hans Landa of the SS in Inglourious Basterds. He was so convincing as a villain that he nabbed an Oscar for the role. He has since played villains in Horrible Bosses 2, The Green Hornet and Spectre.

I think Marvel will go with an older version of the Fantastic Four and that is why I think Waltz would be perfect for this role. It would definitely be an interesting take on the character, for sure, if Waltz is the lead villain. He would have to sign on for many films as Doctor Doom is expected to be a key character for Marvel to use going forward. However, if they do go with Waltz, I think he will play the most villainous Doctor Doom we’ve had to date and it would be wunderbar.

Who Will Be Cast As ‘Human Torch’ In Upcoming Fantastic Four Film?

Odds to play The Human Torch
Anthony Ramos+400
Zac Efron+400
Riz Ahmed+500
Taron Egerton+600
Dacre Montgomery+700
Ansel Elgort+800
KJ Apa+800
Liam Hemsworth+1000
Andrew Garfield+1500

Odds as of December 17 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Johnny Storm Anyone?

The last two iterations of this character have gone on to be huge parts in the MCU, with Chris Evans, who went on to be Captain America, and Michael B. Jordan, who played the villain Killmonger in the Black Panther film. The one name that stands out to me the most on the list is Dacre Montgomery at +700 Fantastic Four cast odds to play the Human Torch.

Montgomery isn’t that well known unless you have seen Stranger Things or the Power Rangers movie. Despite having the fifth-best odds on the list, he is rumored to be on Marvel’s shortlist to play the comedic and hot-headed hero. Montgomery is a tremendous actor who would be able to play Johnny Storm to a T, having showcased his dramatic skills and sarcasm in the Netflix show Stranger Things. With his quick wit and ability to steal scenes, he would be the perfect casting for this role.

Best Value Pick

Another name to be looked at for this character is Anthony Ramos, who currently has the best Fantastic Four cast odds to play Johnny Storm at +450. Ramos is most well-known for his role in the Broadway play Hamilton. He has also had minor roles in A Star is Born and Godzilla: King of Monsters.

Ramos is a very interesting choice because it would bring a different tone to the movie as well as add some much-needed diversity to Marvel’s first family.

Who Will Be Cast As ‘The Thing’ In Upcoming Fantastic Four Film?

Odds to play The Thing
Stephen Graham+400
Dean Norris+500
Laz Alonso+550
Ricky Whittle+650
John Cena+700
Dominic Purcell+800
Jared Keeso+1200
Nathan Fillion+1400
Terry Crews+1400
Phillip Brooks+1500
Dwayne Johnson+1800

Odds as of December 17 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Who Can Be The Heartbeat Of The Movie?

The Thing has always been the heartbeat of the Fantastic Four. As Ben Grimm, he goes from best friend to Reed Richards into a hero made out of rocks. When I think of actors who can carry the level of acting that it would take to be in CGI for most of the movie but also have the ability to steal scenes, two actors come to mind.

They are Ricky Whittle at +650 Fantastic Four cast odds and John Cena at +700. Both actors would be perfect in this role. Whittle is an actor from Oldham, Lancashire, so it would be cool to see if they have an English Ben Grimm, or if he can do an accent. Whittle is known for roles on TV shows The 100 and American Gods. He can bring a level of seriousness to the role and at six-foot-one is an imposing force.

Cena’s A Long Shot

Cena on the other hand would be a dark horse with his very few acting roles. Obviously known for his time with the WWE, Cena has now emerged as an actor in the new Fast & Furious movie as well as DC’s Suicide Squad.

Director James Gunn said that Cena was the best improv actor he’s worked with by a country mile. Not only does Cena look like a huge pile of rocks but it sounds like he has the acting chops to boot. Cena could bring some comedic humor to the role that has become a staple in Marvel movies.

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