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Game Of Thrones Odds: Who Will Rule Westeros?

A new week brings a major shift in the betting odds for who will rule Westeros at the end of Game of Thrones season 8. Since these odds were initially released back in the spring, the betting odds had Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen as the co-favorites to sit on the Iron Throne. 

But as this show continues to do, whether on the screen or at the betting window, things are changing and changing quickly. Bran Stark, one of the most intriguing characters in the entire show, is now nearly EVEN money (+130) to rule Westeros when the series wraps up after season 8. 

Bran And Night King Theory

There’s a couple of prevailing theories about the relationship between Bran and the Night King. One believes that they are one and the same. That Bran’s ability to warg either has him become the Night King at times or that he traveled back in time to become the Night King in some sort of LOST timeline play. 

Another theory, which is much deeper in scope, pits Bran and the Night King as representatives of religion, of good and evil essentially, and they will eventually clash in the final battle for Westeros – which will be much bigger than any Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens or dragons. 

Sansa Has Moved up to +1400

There’s a sect of fans who believe that it will indeed be Sansa who ultimately claims the Iron Throne. This theory is plausible as it appears that one way they could go with the storyline is to set up a final battle between the remaining strong women: Sansa, Arya (+1000), Cersei (+2500), Brienne (+10000) and Daenerys (+600). 

Sansa has undoubtedly been through the roughest road, all the while maintaining grace and calm. Her experiences have morphed her into a smart, ruthless, driven and strong female who has reclaimed her father’s home of Winterfell. 

Gendry is the Biggest Mover This Week

Gendry, another of Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate children, has moved from +7000 to +1600 on the odds table, making him the eighth-favorite to win the Iron Throne. It’s really hard to believe that a part-time character would become the King at the end of this series, but his unrevealed Baratheon bloodline could potentially come into play. 

A big reason for this movement is multiple interviews in which Joe Dempsie, the actor who plays Gendry, hints at a bigger role for his character in season 8. This, combined with a fan theory that Gendry’s mother is actually Cersei and that he would be both a Baratheon and a Lannister – well, people got excited and started placing Gendry bets. 

You can find the rest of the odds to be the ruler of Westeros at the end of season 8 here:

Who Will Rule Westeros At The End of Season 8 Of Game of Thrones?
Bran Stark+130
Jon Snow+500
Daenerys Targaryen+600
The Night King+900
Arya Stark+1000
Tyrion Lannister+1200
Sansa Stark+1400
Samwell Tarly+2000
Cersei Lannister+2500
Jaime Lannister+4000
Davos Seaworth+5000
Euron Greyjoy+6600
Jaqun H’ghar+10000
Brienne of Tarth+10000
Jorah Mormont+10000
The Hound+10000
Daario Naharis+10000
Yara Greyjoy+10000
Theon Greyjoy+10000
Tormund Giantsbane+10000
The Mountain+15000

Odds as of November 13 at Bovada

Who Will Be The First to Perish in Season 8? 
Yara Greyjoy+200
Theon Greyjoy+400
The Mountain+500
Euron Greyjoy+800
Tormund Giantsbane+800
The Hound+1200
Jorah Mormont+1400
Davos Seaworth+1600
Cersei Lannister+2000
The Night King+2000
Arya Stark+2500
Samwell Tarly+3300
Sansa Start+4000
Tyrion Lannister+4000
Bran Stark+5000
Jaime Lannister+5000
Jon Snow+6600
Danaerys Targaryen+10000

Odds as of November 13 at MyBookie