Kim Kardashian odds for next boyfriend picks and best bets

Kim Kardashian Next Boyfriend Odds: Still Single & Ready To Mingle

They’re one of the strongest, most well-known teams in the world with millions of fans across the globe – the Kardashian clan. If you’re like me, then you have no problem admitting you keep up with the Kardashians. Let me recap last season for ya:

At the end of last year, Kim K and Pete Davidson went separate ways. I know, how could a solid couple part ways after a whole nine (roughly) months together? Since then, the second-oldest Kardashian hasn't been Instagram official with anyone else. 

But, she's one of the hottest on the market. Her management, better known as momager Kris Jenner, won’t let the free agent linger for long. Soon, Kim will be all over the headlines again with new arm candy. 


Now, let’s break down Kim’s next boyfriend odds with some best bets and value picks. 

Who Will Be Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend?

Kim Kardashian Next Boyfriend Odds
Kanye West+200
Van Jones+400
Nick Cannon+1000
Pete Davidson+1000
Ray J+1000
Chris Evans (CIN)+1200
Jamie Foxx+1200
Michael B. Jordan+2000
Dak Prescott+2500
Israel Adesanya +2500
Kyrie Irving (DAL)+2500
Harry Styles+2500
Kris Humphries +4000
Reggie Bush+5000
Brad Pitt+10000
Johnny Depp+10000
Scott Eastwood+10000
Elliot Page+15000
Jeff Bezos+15000
Elon Musk+20000
Donald Trump Sr. +20000
Andrew Tate+20000

The Favorite: Kanye West (+200)

The Kardashian girls have some big hearts. They aren’t afraid to forgive some scummy exes – I’m glaring at you, Tristan Thompson. So, after four kids and seven years of marriage, the rapper could possibly earn a second chance. 

In the last season of Hulu's The Kardashians, we got a glimpse of the divorcees' recent comradery. The two had texting banter about fashion choices and have been seen co-parenting. Which is a step up from Ye's previous online manic sprees suggesting Kim keeps his kids from him. 

But, Kanye is an excellent father and had moments of being a great partner for Kim -- also her longest marriage by about 6 years and 9 months. Plus, the rapper has a huge advantage over other competitors by being the dad to North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. The Kardashians aren’t afraid to take back their baby daddies regardless of the mistakes they’ve made.

Despite Kanye being seen with a new girl, I have a feeling he would drop anyone to run back to his first wife if he had the chance.

Value Pick: Van Jones (+400)

If you’re like me, you might ask yourself who Van Jones is. Then you likely proceeded to Google search his name to only ask yourself the following question, “how is he favored to date one of the most desired women in the world?” – no offense, Van. 

But remember, Kim K is not just another pretty face. In 2018, the star decided to become a lawyer. As we see on the reality show, Kim had spent hours relentlessly studying to pass her bar exam -- which she did!

With her late dad, Robert Kardashian, being a lawyer, Kim found a passion for prison reform. She has been involved in helping free prisoners from wrongful convictions, including 64-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who was freed after 19 years. 

Like Kim, Van is known for his voice in politics all over the media, currently the CEO of REFORM Alliance, an organization aiming to transform the criminal justice system, alongside Jay-Z and Meek Mill. In 2018, the two were spotted at a Criminal Justice Reform summit. Then, in May 2021, Jones wasn't afraid to gush over Kim on The Ellen Show:

So, yes, it’s obvious Jones and Kardashian aren’t a match physically – again, no offence, Van. The pair have political knowledge and an intense drive for change to bond over. 

Value Pick: Pete Davidson (+1000)

Pete Davidson has a lengthy girlfriend resume too, including Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale. The 28-year-old is keeping guys’ dreams alive that with a funny, kind personality, you too can snag yourself a bombshell. 

Kim and Pete met on Saturday Night Live in October 2021, where the two shared a kiss in an Aladdin skit on a magic carpet. And I thought romance was dead. After a brief public stint, the two called it quits. But, at this year's Met Gala, the two were seen speaking again... which in the celebrity world means you're dating for sure.

The comedian even went as far as getting a couple of tattoos for the fashion mogul, including one that read, “My girl is a lawyer.” Which have since been removed. But, the branding of her name on his skin... I think that'll stay.

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say Kim and Pete resolve their differences and rekindle the spark. Personally, I adored the two together. Pete brought out a light-hearted, youthful side to Kim. 

The Long-Shot: Chris Evans (CIN) (+1200)


The Bengals RB has heard the news and he’s ready to shoot his shot. Enough said.

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