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ESL Pro League Season 14

Counter-Strike’s biggest league is back! The ESL Pro League returns with Season 15, bringing us just over a month of exciting CSGO action from March 9 to April 10.

The legendary league brings together 24 of the best teams in the world twice a year, with matches taking place daily over the duration. It’s a vital part of the competitive calendar, boasting not only over $800,000 in prize money, but also ESL Pro Tour and Blast Premier circuit points, as well as a spot at the world finals. 

This means teams will be fighting tooth and nail for every single spot, as circuit points are vital for qualifying to the biggest tournaments later in the year. Even a handful of points can make a difference. 

Before we dive into the details of the event, make sure to brush up on your CS with our Counter-Strike betting guide – and let’s dive right in.

Who’s Playing In ESL Pro League Season 15?

As mentioned, there are 24 teams competing in the ESL Pro League, all of which are the best of the best. There are 14 partner teams, which have guaranteed spots in the EPL, these are some of the biggest and most legendary teams like Natus Vincere, G2, FaZe, Astralis, and others. 

The other 10 teams at the event are also top squads, but ones that earned their spots through a variety of means. Teams like Gambit, Heroic, and Virtus.pro qualified by being on top of the ESL World Ranking. Meanwhile, three squads, AGO, Party Astronauts, and Looking For Org, qualified by winning regional ESL Premier competitions, and a final three, Movistar Riders, Godsent, and Sprout, earned their spots at the last chance qualifier. 

Overall, the list of teams playing in the ESL Pro League is outstanding and it will truly be a competition of the best of the best. 

Let’s also take a quick look at the league’s format. It continues with an ESL Pro League standard, first splitting teams into four groups of six, then wrapping up with a single-elimination playoff. 

The groups are played in a round-robin format, meaning each team plays all the others in their group once. The top team in each group then advances straight to the quarterfinals, while second and third place advance to the round of 12 in the playoffs, and the bottom three are eliminated. 

Meanwhile, the playoffs are pretty standard. Teams are seeded based on group results, then battle it out in best of three matches, up until a lengthy best of five grand final. When a team loses a series they are eliminated and the last team standing wins.

Last but not least, it’s important to note we may see slight team changes at the event. Due to the Russian invasion into Ukraine, ESL announced that “organizations with apparent ties to the Russian government will not be allowed to be represented.” This currently applies to both Virtus.pro and Gambit. Neither organization has commented about this yet, but it means that either the players will not represent their organizations and play under different team names, or they may not be able to attend altogether. 

Odds to Win ESL Pro League Season 15
Team Odds
Na`Vi +120
G2 Esports +230
Gambit +300
Heroic +600
FaZe Clan +900
Virtus.pro +1100
Team Vitality +1100
Ninjas in Pyjamas +2500
Mouz +2500
Astralis +2500
Furia +2800
ENCE +3300

Odds as of March 03 at Betway

Na`Vi Aim To Bounce Back From Shocking Katowice Defeat

Natus Vincere entered the year as indisputably the best team in the world, having ended 2021 on a high, winning seven events in short succession to close out the year. However, their 2022 got off to a rough start, with a shocking IEM Katowice exit. 

The favorites bowed out in 3rd-4th place with a 2-0 semi-finals loss to G2 - a result that no one could have predicted. Even so, they still enter the EPL at +120 on Betway, signifying implied odds of 45.45 percent to win it, according to our Super Calculator

This puts Na`Vi at the forefront of the odds and as a solid favorite for the league. After all, one bad event doesn’t suddenly mean that the best team in the world has fallen out of favor, and we’re likely to see Na`Vi bounce back with a solid result, if not the trophy itself, in the ESL Pro League. 

Can FaZe Clan Build On Strong Form?

While the favorites struggled at IEM Katowice, FaZe Clan flourished. Despite being hit by multiple Covid-19 cases and having to field three different lineups throughout the tournament, FaZe completed an amazing playoff run to secure the Katowice trophy. 

FaZe went undefeated in the playoffs, winning 2-0 against both Gambit and Heroic, before securing a competitive 3-0 win against G2 Esports in the grand finals. It was a bit of a miracle run, considering their roster setbacks, but still showcased the amazing potential of the roster.

All of their players played their roles incredibly well and captain Karrigan once and for all cemented his leadership and tactics as some of the absolute best in the world. Going into the ESL Pro League, FaZe will once again be able to field their normal starting lineup and look poised to build on their impressive form with another strong event performance. 

Will G2 Esports’ New Superstar Continue To Light Up Counter-Strike?

The other standout team of IEM Katowice was G2 Esports. Despite falling 3-0 in the grand finals, the team showed some amazing games and weren't even that far from winning it all. 

G2 managed to take out Virtus.pro and Na`Vi in the playoffs 2-0, with the latter being the biggest upset of the event. The grand finals were then an incredibly competitive affair, despite ending 3-0. Two of the maps went to overtime and the final map went the distance, finishing 16-14. 

The new G2 squad showed their incredible potential, with in-game leader Aleksib showing he has what it takes to lead his troops to the top, meanwhile young star Monesy proved even the biggest stage is no match for him. 

Monesy was definitely one of the highlights of the event, as he managed to go head to head and outshine even the best in the world, while making his premier event debut at just 16 years old. The young star is definitely the future of Counter-Strike and it will be interesting to see how far he can go as he continues to develop and gain more top-level experience.