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Team Liquid Leads Odds for Rainbow Six Jönköping Major

The Rainbow Six Siege Jönköping Major will be held at the Elmia Congress Center in Jönköping, Sweden from November 21 to 27, and will see some of the strongest R6 teams face off against one another. Team Liquid (+500) currently has the best R6 - Six Major title odds, but they’ll be given a stern test by the likes of TSM (+600), w7m esports (+600), FaZe Clan (+700), Soniqs (+700) and Wolves Esports (+700).

To win it all will take some doing. There will be four round-robin groups, a single-elimination playoff bracket, and a best-of-five grand finals to make sure that the very best team comes out on top.

The S-Tier tournament will have a prize pool of $500,000, with the Sportsbooks receiving $200,000, the runners-up winning $80,000, and the third- and fourth-place teams receiving $40,000. There’s a lot at stake in this tournament, and glory at the end of it all.

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Who Are The Betting Favorites In The R6 - Six Major Title Odds?

Rainbow Six Siege Jönköping Major Betting Odds
Team Liquid+500
w7m Esports+600
FaZe Clan+700
Wolves Esports+700
Black Dragons e-Sports+900
Team BDS+900
SpaceSportsbook Gaming+1100
MNM Gaming+1400

Odds as of November 17 at Sportsbook

Favorites To Win In The R6 - Six Major Title Odds

Team Liquid (+500)

Team Liquid is one of the biggest esports organizations in the world, and their R6 - Six Major title odds of +500 give a great indication of what fans will be expecting of them. Despite sitting on top of the R6 - Six Major title odds table, there’s a lot of value in this pick as they’re not overwhelming favorites. This is part of the reason why seeing things unfold in this tournament will be so fascinating. The competition in this event is very tight.

Team Liquid has been coming in second-best in a lot of events recently as well, which is something of a worry. They recently finished second in the Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 3, Brasileirão 2022 Season, and Brasileirão 2022 - Stage 3.

This would not have been the case last year, which suggests that there’s suddenly a vulnerability about the side that wasn’t there not too long ago. Other teams will be a bit encouraged by this, but Team Liquid will also be aware that they haven’t been at their best recently, and there’s no better time to put things right than in a major.

Value Picks To Win In The R6 - Six Major Title Odds

TSM (+600)

The American side is also among the biggest names in esports, and will have been concerned when they learned that one of their major sponsors FTX filed for bankruptcy recently. All of those distractions aren’t going to help, but the players will have to pull it all aside and firmly focus on the task at hand.

Regardless of how this affects TSM’s future, they have one of the strongest R6 sides in the world and recently were on top of the NAL - Season 2022 - Stage 3. It was just the sort of preparation they needed before the big major. They have valuable odds, and there will be a temptation to select them as the R6 - Six Major title odds picks because of recent form. If they can come out of this as the Sportsbooks, it’ll really put their character on display.

w7m Esports (+600)

The Brazilian outfit has been in phenomenal form recently, coming out on top in the Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 3, Brasileirão 2022 Season, and Brasileirão 2022 - Stage 3. There’s real momentum building in the side at the moment, and they’ve gotten the better of Team Liquid in recent weeks as well. If it wasn’t for prior history, they might have even had better odds than the likes of Team Liquid. This looks like just the time for them to make that big push and announce themselves in a major.

Betting Strategy for Sportsbooks of the R6 - Six Major Title Odds

There are a lot of good teams in this competition with R6 - Six Major title odds that aren’t that much lower than Team Liquid’s, but it’s hard to see a Sportsbook outside the three names that we’ve mentioned. The likes of FaZe Clan need a little more experience before they can sit at the elite table.

Team Liquid’s recent form, however, really puts into doubt whether they should be favorites. This is especially the case when they’ve fallen short against w7m esports in recent weeks. TSM will have their own distractions to worry about, and it remains to be seen if that might play a part in how they perform.

The one thing that Team Liquid and TSM have going for them is the burden of expectations, which should ideally propel them to greater heights, but it might just bother them a little this time around. Everything suggests that this might be w7m esports’ time to shine, and the odds are great as well. They’re certainly worth the gamble.

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