Jim Harbaugh's suspension for sign stealing

Is Jim Harbaugh's Suspension Impacting Michigan Odds?

Well, it's the moment we've all be waiting for. A couple of weeks ago, the No. 3 Michigan Wolverines football program was accused of sign-stealing.

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Football analyst Connor Stalions was called out for potential off-campus, in-person signal-stealing and eventually resigned at the beginning of November. 

In the midst of his resignation, his attorney, Brad Beckworth, stated: "...Neither Coach Harbaugh, nor any other coach or staff member, told anyone to break any rules or were aware of improper conduct regarding the recent allegations..."

But, the NCAA wasn't taking his word for it and began an investigation. 

jim harbaugh suspension

As of Friday November 10th, the Big Ten Conference announced that the head coach will be suspended for the remainder of the 2023 regular season. 

Ahead of Week 11, Harbaugh will not be allowed on the sidelines during the Wolverines outings against No. 10 Penn State, Maryland and No. 1 Ohio State. However, the 59-year-old is still permitted to be in attendance and continue coaching at practices. 

If Michigan wins its division, Harbaugh, in his ninth season with the Wolverines, will be able to coach the Big Ten championship meeting scheduled for December 2nd. 

is harbaugh's suspension affecting michigan's betting odds?

Have no fear bettors, the Big Blue have not budged on the oddsboards. Michigan still remains the national champion favorite (+250), sit at the top with +220 odds to earn a spot in the CFP and 4.5-point favorites in its upcoming meeting with the Nittany Lions. 

So, hang tight with your futures and gameline bets, friends. 

what do the players think of harbaugh's suspension?

Well, we saw how this roster responded to Harbaugh's self-inflicted suspension at the start of the year. Remember when they choreographed an opening line of scrimmage number holding up four fingers to honor the head coach? Or when QB JJ McCarthy showed up to the stadium wearing a "free Harbaugh" shirt in protest? Yeah, well let's just say this group won't go unheard about the ruling. 

However, the Wolverines are being a bit more subliminal with their messages by going on a Twitter rampage simply posting, "Bet". 

I mean, don't have to tell us twice. Listen to the boys and read up on our betting advice, trends and data. 


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