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The Antonio Brown Saga: Will He Get Arrested in 2020?

Antonio Brown Betting Odds January 15 2020

As if 2020 wasn’t already off to a bad start with a potential war overseas and baseball sign-stealing. Now, we have to watch a former All-Pro NFL wide receiver having a complete meltdown in the public eye and there are betting odds on whether he’ll get arrested this year.

Online sportsbook Bovada is offering betting odds on whether Antonio Brown will see a jail cell in 2020, with the odds initially opening at +700 before shrinking to +250 within 24 hours of the prop being released.

That’s because AB may have sunk to a new low by cussing out his children’s mother and the police on Instagram Live while the authorities escorted her off his property and into a squad car.

For reference, here is a quick guide to the incidents involving Antonio Brown leading up to and since his exile from Pittsburgh:

The Antonio Brown Meltdown Timeline

  • Following a playoff win in 2017, Brown went on Facebook Live during a postgame speech by head coach Mike Tomlin that insulted the New England Patriots.
  • For Week 17 in 2018, he was suspended for the final game of the season and missed the game that could’ve sent them to the playoffs.
  • Going into the 2019 season, he demanded a new contract from the Steelers, then got traded to the Raiders and signed a new deal. Arrived at training camp in a hot air balloon.
  • Refused to practice or play unless he got to use his original helmet which was no longer used in the NFL. Lawsuits were dismissed and he settled on a new helmet.
  • Got frostbite on his feet from being in a cryogenic chamber in France and was badly blistered. Missed portions of training camp with the Raiders.
  • Got into a shouting match with Raiders GM Mike Mayock and threatened to fight him in front of the team and media. He apologized the next day, then later posted a video of a phone call with Jon Gruden that was supposed to be private while asking for his release due to fines.
  • Signed with the Patriots in September 2019. Was cut after one game due to allegations of sexual assault by one of his former employees.
  • Insulted Robert Kraft on Twitter about his massage parlor scandal. Apologized to Kraft a few weeks later in a tweet.
  • Was challenged to a boxing match by Logan Paul in a Barstool podcast and looks to be setting this up for the near future.
  • Went live on Instagram during a domestic dispute with his children’s mother while he swore at her and the police repeatedly. It’s alleged she was trying to take one of his vehicles without permission, which made Brown contact the police for assistance.

I’m not trying to minimize anything on that list but the last one was especially jarring because it happened in front of children and the language and behavior was disturbing. I may have omitted some other incidents but these are the standout occurrences of odd behavior.

Why Antonio Brown Could Be Arrested

Let’s be up front: I don’t wish anyone to go to jail (especially if they did nothing wrong) but Antonio Brown’s need to be noticed is bringing the wrong type of attention to a great wide receiver trying to make it back to the NFL. At this point, especially with the league’s stance on domestic violence and his actions making the Shield look bad, AB ever playing professional football again seems like a long shot at best.

I also don’t want to speculate if or for what reason he could be arrested because that’s not for me or anyone to judge. However, he didn’t do himself any favors by alienating the Florida police like that and the boys in blue proceeded to cancel his 7-on-7 football tournament while returning the donation he gave to the Police Athletic Football League.

This is likely not going to end well and bettors who enjoy capitalizing on a person’s downward spiral could cash in on the negativity.

Will Antonio Brown Get Arrested In 2020?

Odds as of January 15 at Bovada