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Football Halftime Betting Strategies and Tips

Betting on a football game isn’t just limited to the whole game as wagers can also be placed on a given team at halftime to win the remainder of the game or cover the spread/total for the second half. Oddsmakers shift the line/spread throughout the contest and it’s up to bettors to determine at halftime if they want to pounce on the adjusted odds.

How to Bet on a Halftime Line

Halftime betting is available at online sportsbooks with spreads/lines on the second half typically available at the end or near the end of the first half. As there is usually a short window before play resumes, bettors will need to make a quick judgment call on which team will be the best bet before play resumes.

What To Consider When Betting on A Halftime Line

When betting a halftime line, focus on key elements of what transpired in the opening half.

Were injuries a factor? Did penalties and/or turnovers have a major effect on the score and/or total? Does one team have significant momentum? Did one team just have a bad or uncharacteristically great first half? To what extent did the respective game plans play out? Are one or both teams already adjusting to the opponent’s game plan? Is wind, rain or snow starting to influence the game? These are all questions that need to be considered before wagering on a halftime line.

Remember: Both sides – you and the sportsbook – have an advantage. You’ve seen the game, and the book has time on their side. It’s a good idea to take notes throughout the first half and to have the computer ready to look at the hard numbers in relation to your observations.

Halftime lines also give bettors a chance to double down on their winnings or hedge their bet. Did you bet the underdog on the spread, only to cheer as they took an outright lead after the first half? A smart halftime wager coupled with your initial bet could see you reap some serious profit.