The Most Exotic Exotic Props For SB 50

The Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest event for football fans; it’s the biggest event for bettors as well. With an event so big, you would be silly to think that books would stick to the usual totals and player props.

Exotic props have become a tradition just like Super Bowl ads. Both offer a wide variety of ridiculousness and head scratching, while ultimately proving all too entertaining to avoid.

So we have gathered the weirdest of the weird, the strangest of the stage, the exotic-est (?) of the exotic props into one list.

How Many Chicken Wings?!?

The lead up to the Super Bowl is one of the best parts of the event. It’s a magical time when football fans can excitedly welcome their friends, brag about the past season of fantasy football and eat gratuitous amounts of chicken wings.

Just how many chicken wings? Well, why don’t you bet on it?

Sportsbook has the OVER/UNDER of chicken wings sold by Buffalo Wild Wings set at 12 million.

And before you scoff at the number, the Super Bowl is basically a chicken’s nightmare. Over the past few years, Americans have averaged over one billion chicken wings per Super Bowl Sunday. That’s a quarter of a billion chickens per year.

How Many Wings will Buffalo Wild Wings sell on Super Bowl Day?
  • Over 12 Million -300
  • Under 12 Million -+200
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook

Halftime Props

Are you excited about Coldplay?

Yeah…I’m not either, but betting on the halftime show has become a Super Bowl tradition that can make the blasé attempt at drawing in younger audiences somewhat more palatable to the football fans.

Coldplay is set to go on a global tour this upcoming year to promote their album A Heart Full of Dreams. The band has released two singles from that album (singles are still a thing, right?) with Adventure of a Lifetime seeing the most radio play. The disco-inspired, up-tempo song would give the show a good Sportsbook hook, which is why Adventures of a Lifetime is a +200 favorite to be the first song the English band plays.

Beyoncé will also be making an appearance during the show, which I’m sure the Internet has let you know by now. The Grammy-award winning singer has a natural entrance point into the show as the latest Coldplay release featured Beyoncé. But we aren’t worried about that; we are worried about her shoes. Black is the favorite for footwear color of Beyoncé during the halftime show, which keeps in the theme of the outfit she wore during the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show.

But hey, let’s not forget the rest of Beyoncé’s outfit.  Though the juice is pretty high, Beyonce to show cleavage is currently listed at -1400 at Sportsbook, with no cleavage coming back at +600. With the game being played in sunny California, you can assume that Mrs. Knowles will not need a parka.

Aside from Coldplay and Beyoncé, Bruno Mars has been announced to be taking part in the halftime show. Though I don’t need to listen to his music to try and provide you a betting edge (thank god), it does make one wonder if there will be any special appearances. Most Super Bowl’s have at least one or two unannounced musicians, which has prompted Sportsbook to set the OVER/UNDER of artists during the show at 3.5.

Now think back, way back to last year’s Super Bowl halftime show. What is the most memorable part (aside from a giant mechanical/puppet lion thing)? That’s right; it was Left Shark. We shutter to think what has happened to Left Shark in the past year after his Internet fame wore off. Maybe standing on the side of the road with a sign that says “Will dance improperly for money,” or maybe searching through online forums for people talking about him. Either way, Left Shark is +1000 to make his triumphant return to the Super Bowl this year.

Which song will Coldplay play first during the Halftime Show?
  • Adventure of a Lifetime +200
  • Fix You +350
  • A Sky Full of Stars +450
  • Viva la Vida +500
  • Clocks +750
  • Speed of Sound +900
  • Head Full of Dreams +1000
  • Paradise +1000
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
What color will Beyonce’s footwear be when she comes on stage at the Halftime Show?
  • Black +150
  • Gold/Brown +250
  • White +300
  • Silver/Grey +500
  • Any Other Color +500
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
Will Beyoncé show cleavage?
  • Yes -1400
  • No +600
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
Number of Artists to Sing at Halftime show?
  • Over 3.5 +150
  • Under 3.5 -210
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
Will Left Shark make an appearance on stage during the Halftime show?
  • Yes +1000
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook

Broadcast Props AKA The Phil Simms Special

If it’s not enough to overanalyze how the halftime show goes down, why not wager on the broadcast? There is a myriad of broadcast related props, which include things from certain shots to how many times Jim Nantz and Phil Simms say certain words.

With the Super Bowl being the biggest event of the football calendar, there is bound to be some overzealous broadcasters that want to talk about every tiny angle possible. The camera operators are likely to be searching the press boxes for celebrities to showcase, but Archie Manning and John Elway may be shown more than anyone else.

The OVER/UNDER of Archie Manning appearances on the broadcast is set at 1.5 (EVEN/-140) while Elway is listed at 2.5 (EVEN/-140).

A little dab will do you, but will Nantz and Simms reference Cam Newton’s now signature dance more than twice? Dabbing being mentioned more than twice on-air is listed at EVEN money, but also remember that there is a real likelihood that Simms will keep calling it the ‘damp’ of the ‘stab’ or something insane.

The “almost always right” Mike Carey will be the rules analyst for the broadcast for the first time in his post-referee life. Carey has received a lot of flak on social media about the analysis he provides, which prompted CBS to say that Carey is right more often than not. Carey being wrong about a challenge on the field is being listed at +145 at Sportsbook.

How many times will “dab” or “dabbing: be said by broadcasters?
  • UNDER 2 -140
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
How many times will Golden State Bridge be shown during broadcast?
  • OVER 0.5 -500
  • UNDER 0.5 +300
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
Will Peyton Mannin be seen crying during the broadcast?
  • Yes +500
  • No -1000
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
Will broadcasters mention Gary Kubiak was John Elway’s backup?
  • Yes -200
  • No +150
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
Will Mike Carey be wrong about a challenge?
  • Yes +145
  • No -190
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
How many times will John Elway be shown on broadcast?
  • OVER 2.5 EVEN
  • UNDER 2.5 -140
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
How many times will Archie Manning be shown on broadcast?
  • OVER 1 -140
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook

Cam Newton Watch

There are no two ways about it; Cam Newton has become a sports media darling this year thanks to his amazing play and swaggy clothing choices. Newton has added the dab to his repertoire of celebrations, joining the Superman. The current total of Superman celebrations from Newton is set at 2.5 (+200/-300).

But imagine after the game just how many celebrations will be had if the Carolina Panthers win Super Bowl 50. Newton will likely be dabbing all over the place, but a Lombardi level of dab taking place is listed at +260 Sportsbook.

Newton also has a heart-warming tendency to give footballs to kids after scoring. Sportsbook also has odds on how many balls Newton will give away in the game, with the total being listed it 1.5 (+175/-260).

The one thing that is bigger than sports is love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on it. Newton and his girlfriend recently welcomed a baby boy into the world and Cam taking the plunge into the married life after the game is listed at +1200. Newton would join the likes of that guy from Boise State that proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend after the Fiesta Bowl.

How many times will Cam Newton do Superman celebration?
  • OVER 2.5 +200
  • UNDER 2.5 -300
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
How many footballs will Cam Newton give to kids?
  • OVER 1.5 +175
  • UNDER 1.5 -260
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook
Will Cam Newton propose to his girlfriend on the field after the game?
  • Yes +1100
  • No -3320
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook

Earthquake Warning

Everyone knows that San Francisco sits right atop a fault line, making it the perfect location for Hollywood blockbusters to set an apocalyptic movie (I’m looking at you San Andreas). But the risk of an earthquake has always loomed large in San Francisco and the shifting plates have caused issues to sporting events before.

Game 3 of the 1989 World Series was held at Candlestick Park in San Francisco and as the game was nearing, an earthquake hit and caused the game to be postponed for over a week.

Sportsbook has another earthquake hitting during Super Bowl 50 listed at +1500. A few earthquakes were recorded off the Northern California coast this past week, which, if movies taught me anything, is just the start of what will likely turn into a complete global catastrophe.

Will there be an earthquake during the game?
  • Yes +1500
Odds as of February 5 at Sportsbook

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