NFL Win Totals for 2013

Baltimore is the defending champion, but retirements and defections have oddsmakers questioning if the Ravens will even make the playoffs in 2013.

Indeed, one online sportsbook set their win total at 8.5 for the upcoming season, three wins lower than the highest total of 11.5.

Sportsbook opened the 49ers, Patriots and Broncos at 11.5 wins with the Texans, Packers and Seahawks next at 10.5.

Which team has the lowest predicted win total for 2013? Jacksonville sits at 5 in the Sportsbook lines, while Arizona and Oakland are next at 5.5 wins.

Betting on NFL win totals can be profitable, but they take a long time to settle your bet. Many handicappers can look at the schedule and estimate the obvious victories for each team.

But an injury or a slump can quickly derail a bet or turn an upset wager into a winning ticket.

Check out the current NFL win total odds as of May 21 at Sportsbook:

Arizona Cardinals
o5.5 (+120)
u5.5 (-150)
Atlanta Falcons
o10 (+110)
u10 (-140)
Baltimore Ravens
o8.5 (-105)
u8.5 (-125)
Buffalo Bills
o6.5 (+120)
u6.5 (-150)
Carolina Panthers
o7 (-140)
u7 (+110)
Chicago Bears
o8.5 (-130)
u8.5 (even)
Cincinnati Bengals
u8.5 (-120)
Cleveland Browns
o6 (-130)
u6 (even)
Dallas Cowboys
u8.5 (-120)
Denver Broncos
o11.5 (-115)
u11.5 (-115)
Detroit Lions
o7.5 (-125)
u7.5 (-105)
Green Bay Packers
o10.5 (-125)
u10.5 (-105)
Houston Texans
o10.5 (-125)
u10.5 (-105)
Indianapolis Colts
o8.5 (-115)
u8.5 (-115)
Jacksonville Jaguars
o5 (-115)
u5 (-115)
Kansas City Chiefs
o7 (-150)
u7 (+120)
Miami Dolphins
o7.5 (-125)
u7.5 (-105)
Minnesota Vikings
o7.5 (even)
u7.5 (-130)
New England Patriots
u11.5 (-120)
New Orleans Saints
o9.5 (-115)
u9.5 (-115)
New York Giants
o9 (-115)
u9 (-115)
New York Jets
o6.5 (+105)
u6.5 (-135)
Oakland Raiders
o5.5 (+110)
u5.5 (-140)
Philadelphia Eagles
o7 (-105)
u7 (-125)
Pittsburgh Steelers
o9.5 (-115)
u9.5 (-115)
San Diego Chargers
o7.5 (+110)
u7.5 (-140)
San Francisco 49ers
o11.5 (even)
u11.5 (-130)
Seattle Seahawks
o10.5 (-140)
u10.5 (+110)
St Louis Rams
o7.5 (+120)
u7.5 (-150)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
o7.5 (-150)
u7.5 (+120)
Tennessee Titans
o6.5 (-115)
u6.5 (-115)
Washington Redskins
o8.5 (+110)
u8.5 (-140)

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