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Week 4 NFL Same Game Parlay: Dolphins vs Bills Picks

The same-game parlay is a relatively new invention in the betting space. But it takes the classic parlay to a whole other level. Sitting on your couch with your friends watching a football game can become quite the exhilarating experience — if you know what you're doing.

Below I'll break down this week's same game parlay and some overall strategies for SGP success:

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NFL Same Game Parlay Results

Parlay RecordUnit Profit
1-2+1.65 Units

Week 4 NFL Same Game Parlay - Miami vs Buffalo

Week 4 Same Game Parlay Picks
Miami Dolphins MLN/A
Tua Tagovailoa Passing Attempts UNDER 35.5N/A
Raheem Mostert Rushing Yards OVER 51.5 N/A

Did y'all watch the Dolphins game last week? By my count, they dropped just over 7,000 points against the Broncos, forcing Denver to be relegated to the CFL. This week's same game parlay is contingent on Miami bringing the same heat against Buffalo.

If the Dolphins do pull off a win against the Bills, I think the game script will set us up perfectly for the two complimentary props to hit, as well. Here are some specific trends that make me confident in those two props:

- Raheem Mostert has rushed for 240 yards in three games this year (80 per contest). He's also bested 50 rushing yards in four of his last six contests.

- Tua has attempted over 35 passes in just two of his last 10 games.

What Is An NFL Same Game Parlay?

The basic concept of a same game parlay is the same as any parlay bet. Combining two or more wagers, you can earn a higher total payout if all of the individual bets win. You can usually combine point spreadsOVER/UNDERsmoneyline bets and sometimes prop bets.

What differentiates a same game parlay (if the name doesn’t make it obvious) is all the legs of the parlay have to be from the same game. Often, this makes the odds you're getting on the parlay slightly worse, though, as the books have to bake in an added edge when all the bets are from the same event.

How To Create Good Same Game Parlays

The main takeaway for betting same game parlays is understanding the context of your bets. While most single game bets or even standard multi game parlays are solely reliant on you doing your research or going with your gut on isolated events, knowing how your parlay can function as a collective result is key for a same game parlay. It's risky to bet the OVER on one team's point total while also betting the other team to win.