The Sneakiest Super Bowl 51 Prop You Are Ignoring

There is no possible way a human being can dig through the hundreds of prop bets for Super Bowl 51 to uncover every possible edge. That’s why we have a full team of people and they have uncovered one of the sneakiest props you can bet on February 5.

You can get the Atlanta Falcons to score first at -105. Though this prop can seem highly dependent on the 50/50 coin flip to some, there are numbers to confirm backing Matt Ryan and company is the informed decision.

First, the Falcons have scored a touchdown on their Sportsbook drive in each of their past eight games. The last time Atlanta didn’t score a touchdown on the Sportsbook drive was Week 10 against the Philadelphia Eagles. Of those eight touchdowns, four were scored by running back Devonta Freeman (whom you can get at +800 to score the first touchdown).

That stat itself is nice, but shouldn’t solidify the bet. What goes a long way to helping you confidently bet your hard-earned money is the New England Patriots’ historically slow starts in the Super Bowl. The Pats have been held scoreless in the first quarter in all six of their Super Bowl appearances during the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era. Win or lose, New England can’t simply trot onto the field and start going at full speed under the brightest lights.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to make a few sneaky bets. Aside from just the Falcons to score first at -105, you could try Freeman to score the first touchdown at +800 or the Falcons to be leading by seven or more points at the end of the first at +275. That’s plenty of value for something most bettors would simply ignore.

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