There are so many ways to get locked in on an NFL season. You can cheer for your favorite team, draft a fantasy team or make some money at NFL betting sites.

One of the most popular ways to get in on the football action these days is by joining an NFL survivor pool. If you don’t know what that is, or want to improve your NFL survivor pool game, we’ll break down the must-knows and NFL survivor pool strategy below to help you be victorious this year.

If you’re new to betting on football, you can also check out our How To Bet NFL page to get up to speed or keep track of the latest Super Bowl odds.

What Is An NFL Survivor Pool?

At a very general level, the main concept of an NFL survivor pool is to pick a winning NFL team every week. If you pick a winning team, you move on – or survive – to the next week. If your pick loses, you’re out.

Winning an NFL survivor pool requires you to pick a winning team every single week, or to be the last person standing in your pool.

While there are some variations, what makes NFL survivor pool strategy difficult is that you cannot repeat picks. This means you have to be calculated about when you’re picking teams and who you’re picking against.

NFL Survivor Pool Rules

While each NFL survivor pool has unique regulations, here are some nearly universal rules to know:

  • No changing picks after selections lock
  • Cannot pick the same team more than once
  • Must make a pick every week
  • Winner is the last person standing

When Are NFL Survivor Pool Picks Due?

It’s key to know when your selections are due for an NFL survivor pool because it can impact your research and strategy.

While some pools have picks due before the first game of a slate, usually the prime-time Thursday Night Football game, most allow you to make your pick before the main slate on Sunday. However, if you wait until Sunday to make your pick, you won’t be able to choose the two teams from the TNF game.

Waiting to make your pick until the last minute allows you to have the latest roster moves and injury updates before locking in a survivor selection.

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Multiple-Pick Leagues And Buybacks

There are some other somewhat common rule variations for NFL survivor pools that you should know. One is playing multiple entries, which means you have joined a survivor league with two “teams,” or two separate opportunities to pick. Some leagues allow you to play two different selections each week – or the same pick when you’re really sure – to insulate yourself from an unexpected upset.

Another rule to know is if your survivor pool has a buyback clause, allowing you to pay a fee to rejoin the league if you lose in the first few weeks. The buyback is often limited to one per person in many pools. 

NFL Survivor Pool Strategy

If NFL survivor pools were easy, winning wouldn’t be an accomplishment. While it may seem simple enough to pick a winner every week, it takes some real strategy to plan out enough picks, use teams at the right time, and not screw yourself over down the line.

One of the most important “strategies,” if you even want to call it that, is making sure your team wins every week. At the very core of survivor pools, that’s all you have to do. One resource that’ll help with that is our computer picks page, with an algorithm breaking down each game.

Here are two more simple NFL survivor pool strategies you can utilize this year:

Tailing Consensus

One way to go about your NFL survivor strategy is to let the rest of the football world tell you who the best pick is.

You can check out the NFL consensus picks, and see which team has the most backers on any given week. If you look at the NFL betting odds on the moneyline, and which team has the most bettors, that should give you a good idea of who the public likes.

Now, the public doesn’t always get their picks right, but it’s not a bad place to start.

Fading Survivor Pool Picks

Another way some people go about their NFL survivor pool picks is by fading the public, or going against the consensus picks.

While at first this may seem like a wild strategy, it actually has some logic to it. The way to win an NFL survivor pool is to be the last person standing, so if you always tail the consensus, you’re never going to outlast a majority of the people. If you take some risks early on, though, and fade the public, you could find yourself in good shape to win later on if one of the popular picks loses.

Other NFL Survivor Pool And Betting Resources 

If you’re looking for more resources to help inform your NFL survivor pool picks or just some details about NFL betting markets or wagering resources, check out our featured pages and picks below:

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NFL Survivor Pool FAQs

What are NFL Survivor Pools?

The main concept of NFL survivor pools is to pick a winning NFL team every week. If you pick a winning team, you move on, or survive, to the next week. If your pick loses, you’re out.

What is the best NFL Survivor Pool Strategy?

There is no best NFL survivor pool strategy, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The best picks balance short and long term and balance risk and safety.

Can I have more than one NFL Survivor Pool entry?

Some NFL survivor pools allow you to have multiple entries to try out different strategies throughout the season. Some pools also allow you to buy back in if you've been eliminated early.

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