Thank God Super Bowl Prop Favorite

Some may feel it's sacrilegious to offer Thank God odds on the Super Bowl, but when it comes to prop bets, anything goes.

And it's not like they made God the underdog at Sportsbook. He's the favorite.

Somebody will win the Super Bowl MVP award (Aaron Rodgers is favored by the way at Sportsbook) and that player will inevitably be interviewed. Who will he thank first?

"It's tough to make God the underdog on any wager, in my opinion, but the odds are also supported by research that shows He often gets the first 'thanks' from athletes," said Sportsbook sportsbook manager Richard Gardner. "Sometimes they are so caught up in the moment they do not thank anyone, which is why 'nobody' is a close second."

Just to placate the agnostics and atheists out there.

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God is a 3/2 favorite, while nobody is 2/1. His teammates are just behind at 5/2 odds while his family is 4/1. When you get to the longshot answer from the Super Bowl MVP, you're picking 'Coach' at 10/1 odds, according to Sportsbook.

There are literally thousands of props out there, ranging from the color of the Gatorade that inevitably gets dumped on the coach's head (yellow is the favorite in case you were wondering) to the over-under on how many current NFLers will be arrested this week.

You can even bet on which Super Bowl ad will be the highest rated commercial.

Super Bowl XLV - Which Super Bowl commercial will have a higher rating on USA Today's annual Ad Meter?   

Bud Light        11/4
Budweiser        11/4
Doritos        11/2
Pepsi Max        6/1        10/1
Skechers        12/1
Teleflora        15/1
Other            5/2

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