Will Tom Brady Retire? You can bet on Tom Brady retirement odds.

Will Tom Brady Retire? Props Focus On Future Of Bucs Quarterback

Seven Super Bowl titles, five Super Bowl MVPs, three league MVPs, 15 Pro Bowl appearances and 243 regular-season wins. After all that, will Tom Brady retire finally?

The former New England Patriot and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback (for now) has firmly established himself as the greatest NFL player of all time. At age 44, he led the NFL in passing yards and passing touchdowns, posting one of his best passing seasons ever for the Bucs in 2021-22. But, following a playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams, will he now retire?

Odds are up at several of our top NFL betting sites for Brady’s retirement and the numbers suggest there’s a real chance. At , +200 odds that Brady will not play Week 1 of the 2022-23 regular season are only a touch behind the -300 odds that he will.

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Latest Tom Brady Retirement Odds & Props

There are a few major betting markets out there trying to answer the question “Will Tom Brady retire?” We’ve collected the best Tom Brady prop bets for you here:

Will Tom Brady Play Week 1 of the 2022-23 regular season?

Odds as of January 26 at 

According to our Odds Calculator, these +200 “No” odds imply a 33.33 percent chance that Tom Brady does not play Week 1 next season. We’ve heard Brady retirement rumblings forever and there’s always a chance he finally steps away, but these Tom Brady offseason odds seem to indicate there’s a real chance he’s played his last NFL game.

Will Tom Brady be on Bucs roster For Week 1?

Odds as of January 26 at 

This market is slightly different than Brady prop. If you think he’s going to retire, the +700 odds here give you a much better opportunity for profit but with less margin for error. The -2000 “Yes” odds imply a 95.2 percent probability Brady will be on the Tampa roster next year.

There is a world where you can profit on TB12 betting odds if Brady just happens to be injured or out for Week 1 (maybe another suspension for deflating footballs?). These odds don’t offer the same opportunity. However, if the GOAT does retire, it’s a much better payday.

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What Has Brady Said Publicly?

Brady has put a lot of quotes out into the world about how long he wants to play and if he’ll call it quits any time soon. Before you place your “Will Tom Brady retire?” bets, here are some important quotes to know:

“I said this a few years ago, it’s what relationships are all about. It’s not always what I want,” Brady told the Tampa Bay Times after the loss to the Rams. “It’s what we want as a family. And I’m gonna spend a lot of time with them and figure out in the future what’s next.”

A reporter directly asked Brady if he would be retiring, and he didn’t give an indication either way:

“I haven’t put a lot of thought into it,” Brady said. “We’ll just take it day by day and see where we’re at.”

Betting On Tom Brady’s Odds

Besides betting on individual football games, betting on NFL props like “Will Tom Brady retire?“ is a fun way to stay engaged with football betting all year round. As an elite quarterback, there is much interest in whether he’ll retire, stay with the Bucs or move on to another team.

At the sportsbook, the odds would look something like this:

What team will Tom Brady be on next season?
  • Buccaneers -210
  • None/Retired +150
  • Jets +300
  • Bears +1200

Let’s say you believe the QB is going to call it quits. If you were to make a $50 prop bet – more on that later – and he did hang up his cleats, you would get a payout of $125 – your original $50 is returned along with your winnings of $75. Our Odds Calculator will show you what you’d collect based on the odds and amount bet.

When create these betting lines, they look at everything from the Buccaneers’ chances of winning another Super Bowl to Brady’s age, his family life, net worth, overall health and real estate news – if he sells his pad in Tampa and buys a home in Illinois, he may be looking at playing for a team there.

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What Is A Tom Brady Prop Bet?

A prop is a bet made on the occurrence or non-occurrence of certain events that may not correlate directly to the outcome of a game. Instead of betting on the spread or taking Tampa Bay to win straight up, in this case you’d be making a prop bet on Tom Brady’s odds to play in the NFL for another team, end his playing career or stay with the Bucs.

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