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2020 Presidential Election Betting Props

To quote UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer, “IT’S TIME!” Odds are moving quickly for the 2020 United States presidential election but there are still plenty of betting opportunities and props that can be wagered on throughout the evening.

Sure, you can always wager on Donald Trump to win the presidency again or on Joe Biden to take back the White House for the Democrats, but that market is just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the vast number of options afforded to bettors.

At Odds Shark, we believe that politics don’t have to divide us but can unite us for one common goal: making a profit from others’ political gain.

That’s why we have all of the sportsbooks’ best available props you may not know about that could boost your bankroll. Some of these betting options include Electoral College outcomes, the popular vote, voter turnout and even who will be the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees for 2024. If you like zanier ones such as whether Donald Trump will be kicked off Twitter before 2021, we’ve got you covered.

Political futures odds can change by the minute. Stay up to date with Odds Shark’s new Presidential Odds tracker to keep you informed.

If you’re already thinking ahead, you can read up on 2024 U.S. Presidential Election Odds.

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Electoral College Betting Odds

After he won 306 of the 538 Electoral College votes in 2016, oddsmakers have put out props for whether President Donald Trump will repeat that feat in 2020. For reference, the Electoral College consists of 538 electors and a majority of 270 electoral votes is needed to be elected president.

Sportsbooks have also posted betting odds for how the Republicans and Democrats will fare in terms of Electoral College votes in each state, with EVERY state currently listed. You can also bet on the Electoral College margin of victory and an OVER/UNDER for how many Electoral College votes Joe Biden will get.

Some states have been decided as polls close but sportsbooks offer in-play bets for each state as results come in.

Here are the full prop odds for Electoral College results for the 2020 presidential election:

State by State: Electoral College Props

State Democrats Republicans 2020 State Sportsbook 2016 State Sportsbook
Alabama +1600 -5000 Republican Republican
Alaska +750 -1500 N/A Republican
Arizona -115 -105 Democrat Republican
Arkansas +1600 -5000 Republican Republican
California -5000 +1600 Democrat Democrat
Colorado -1400 +700 Democrat Democrat
Connecticut -2500 +1000 Democrat Democrat
Delaware -5000 +1600 Democrat Democrat
Florida +190 -230 Republican Republican
Georgia +130 -160 N/A Republican
Hawaii -4000 +1400 Democrat Democrat
Idaho +1600 -5000 Republican Republican
Illinois -2500 +1000 Democrat Democrat
Indiana +1000 -2500 Republican Republican
Iowa +300 -400 Republican Republican
Kansas +1000 -2500 Republican Republican
Kentucky +1400 -4000 Republican Republican
Louisiana +1200 -3300 Republican  Republican
Maine -800 +550 N/A Democrat
Maryland -4000 +1400 Democrat Democrat
Massachusetts -5000 +1600 Democrat Democrat
Michigan -400 +300 N/A Republican
Minnesota -450 +325 Democrat Democrat
Mississippi +1000 -2500 Republican Republican
Missouri +1000 -2500 Republican Republican
Montana +700 -1400 Republican Republican
Nebraska +1600 -5000 Republican Republican
Nevada -400 +300 N/A Democrat
New Hampshire -550 +375 Democrat Democrat
New Jersey -2000 +900 Democrat Democrat
New Mexico -800 +500 Democrat Democrat
New York -2500 +1000 Democrat Democrat
North Carolina -105 -115 N/A Republican
North Dakota +1200 -3300 Republican Republican
Ohio +240 -300 Republican Republican
Oklahoma +1600 -5000 Republican Republican
Oregon -2000 +900 Democrat Democrat
Pennsylvania -220 +180 N/A Republican
Rhode Island -2500 +1000 Democrat Democrat
South Carolina +1000 -2500 Republican Republican
South Dakota +1400 -4000 Republican Republican
Tennessee +1400 -4000 Republican Republican
Texas +300 -400 Republican Republican
Utah +1200 -3300 Republican Republican
Vermont -3300 +1200 Democrat Democrat
Virginia -2000 +900 Democrat Democrat
Washington -4000 +1400 Democrat Democrat
West Virginia +1400 -4000 Republican Republican
Wisconsin -325 +250 N/A Republican
Wyoming +1600 -5000 Republican Republican
2020 U.S. Electoral College Results - Margin of Victory
Margin Odds
Democrats 150-209 +450
Republicans 100-149 +550
Republicans 60-99 +600
Democrats 100-149 +650
Democrats 210-279 +700
Democrats 280-538 +1000
Republicans 30-59 +1000
Democrats 60-99 +1500
Republicans 10-29 +1600
Republicans 150-209 +1600
Democrats 30-59 +1800
Democrats 10-29 +2200
Republicans 280-538 +3000
Republicans 0-9 +3500
Republicans 210-279 +3500
Democrats 1-9 +4500
Total Electoral College Votes for Joe Biden
Option Odds
OVER 310.5 +115
UNDER 310.5 -155

Popular Vote

One of the more controversial topics following the 2016 election was that Donald Trump didn’t win the popular vote but was still elected president of the United States. While the U.S. democratic process is a debate for another day, Trump is expected to fall short in that category again in 2020, according to oddsmakers.

The Democrats are -700 to win the popular vote while the Republicans come back at +500 at various sportsbooks. For reference, in 2016, Trump’s vote count was 62.9 million while Hillary Clinton finished with 65.8 million votes, according to election results posted by the U.S. government.

For more information on the best places to wager on politics on the internet, check out our Best Politics Betting Sites page.

Which Party Will Win the Popular vote In The 2020 Presidential Election?
Option Odds
Democrats -700
Republicans +500
Will Sportsbook Of Popular Vote Also Win Electoral College?
Option Odds
Yes -250
No +170
Number of Votes for Donald Trump for 2020 U.S. Election
Option Odds
OVER 69.5 Million Votes -150
UNDER 69.6 Million Votes +110
Number of Votes for Joe Biden for 2020 U.S. Election
Option Odds
OVER 79.5 Million Votes -140
UNDER 79.5 Million Votes +100
Percentage Of Popular Vote for Donald Trump
Option Odds
Trump 45% to 47.49% +175
Trump 42.5% to 44.99% +250
Trump 47.5% to 49.99% +250
Trump 50% or More +375
Trump 42.49% or Less +800
Percentage of Popular Vote for Joe Biden
Option Odds
Biden 52.5% to 54.99% +150
Biden 50% to 52.49% +275
Biden 47.5% to 49.99% +350
Biden 55% or More +425
Biden 47.49% or less +475
2020 U.S. Presidency & Popular Vote Results
Option Odds
Biden To Win Presidency & Popular Vote -180
Trump To Win Presidency & Lose Popular Vote +250
Trump To Win Presidency & Popular Vote +450
Biden To Lose Presidency & Popular Vote +3300

Best Of The Rest - Presidential Election Betting Props

Percentage Of Voter Turnout For 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
Option Odds
OVER 60.5 percent -400
UNDER 60.5 percent +250
Voter Turnout For 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
Option Odds
OVER 149.5 million voters -600
UNDER 149.5 million voters +350
Will Trump Lose Every State He Lost in 2016 election?
Option Odds
Yes -250
No +170
Will Trump Win Every State He Lost in 2016 election?
Option Odds
Yes +300
No -500
Winning Party of U.S. Presidential Election
Option Odds
Democratic Party -165
Republican Party +135
U.S. Senate Control - Start of 117th Congress
Option Odds
Democrats -150
Republicans +115
House Seats Won By Democrats in 2020 U.S. Election
Option Odds
OVER 209.5 -1000
UNDER 209.5 +550
Voter Percentage For 3rd Parties in 2020 U.S. Election
Option Odds
OVER 3% +225
UNDER 3% -350
Democratic Party Election Sweep - Electoral College, Popular Vote, House & Senate
Option Odds
Yes -130
No -110
Odds To Be Democratic Candidate for 2024 Presidential Election
Option Odds
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +300
Joe Biden +300
Kamala Harris +350
Elizabeth Warren +800
Bernie Sanders +1000
Michelle Obama +1000
Andrew Cuomo +1200
Pete Buttigieg +1500
Michael Bennet +2000
Odds To Be Republican Candidate For 2024 Presidential Election
Candidate Odds
Donald Trump +160
Nikki Haley +250
John Kasich +1000
Mark Cuban +1000
Mike Pence +1000
Ted Cruz +1400
Bill Weld +1600
Rudy Giuliani +1800
Carly Fiorina +2500
Donald Trump Jr.  +3300
Kanye West +10000
Will Donald Trump Be Kicked Off Twitter Before 2021?
Option Odds
Yes +800
No -2500

What is a Prop Bet?

A prop is a bet on the occurrence or non-occurrence of certain outcomes that may not necessarily determine the outcome of the presidential election. You can make a bet like this as soon as the odds are announced. Oddsmakers will move the lines as news comes out about a candidate’s intentions to run or not run with the Democratic nominee. If you see odds you like, place your bet immediately, otherwise the action could move so much that you’ll barely make a profit or maybe even not make one at all.

2020 Presidential Election Props FAQ

Where can I bet on the 2020 presidential election?

Lots of online sportsbooks and conventional sportsbooks are offering betting odds on the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Betting odds are available for the U.S. election results, Electoral College results, popular vote and many other markets. The betting odds may also vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.

What is a prop bet on the 2020 presidential election?

A prop is any bet that may or may not directly correlate with the outcome of an event. In this case you would bet on political happenings, like who will win the Electoral College or who will win the popular vote. A United States election betting tutorial can show you how to read political prop odds and how to bet on it at online sportsbooks. 

When is the 2020 presidential election?

Americans go to the polls on Tuesday, November 3. Once the votes are tallied, a Sportsbook will be announced.