PWHL futures odds and picks

PWHL Futures Odds: Toronto's Elite Streak Still Has Them Insanely Profitable

The PWHL is here and thriving! Six teams make up the new professional women's league and each game is just as exciting, physical, competitive and skilled as the next. 

It's time to dip our betting toes in the PWHL odds pool. So, in my best Shania Twain impression, let's go girls!

2024 pWHL Futures Odds

Odds to Win the PWHL In 2024
Toronto +380
New York+550

Odds as of March 9

who is favored to win the PWHL In 2024?

These lines are insane. There's both an ignorance is bliss approach to women's sports for us bettors. Oddsmakers often don't spend as much time honing these lines as they would for say Stanley Cup futures. But for us, it means we can make some serious bank.

montreal (+300)

Montreal was at the top of the standings, but losing two of March's first three meetings has them sharing that spot with a surging Toronto group.

One thing Montreal is it has two strong women standing between the pipes, both Elaine Chuli (.958SV%) and Ann-Renee Desbiens (.920SV%) are tough to beat. 

Offensively is where Montreal hits a bit of a roadblock. With an extra lady on the ice, Montreal has a struggling 7.5PP%. There's plenty of potential though as Montreal has Marie-Philip Poulin, who has pocketed eight goals and is tied with the league-best 17-points.

You can find the league's ongoing standings here. 

minnesota (+340)

Minnesota holds third with 27-points, just one win away from joining the top with 30, and it's simply because of grit. This group is typically either winning or losing by a goal, with the exception of its 2-0 downfall to Boston.

But, I'll tell you what I like about this team is that it's a joint effort. Grace Zumwinkle has 13-points, Kelly Pannek pockets nine assists and two goalies Nicole Hensley (.930SV%) and Maddie Rooney (.922SV%) sit inside the top five holding a noble 1.98 GAA.

Sure, nobody is blowing competition away but there's a real battle with these girls every night. Despite not shutting down competition every outing, they still stand near the top of the league and the confidence should grow from here. 

Value pick: toronto (+380)

Toronto has figured it out, relentlessly climbing from the bottom to the top of the standings. The gals are on a whopping nine-game heater, netting 31 goals and conceding just 11.

In its last outing, Toronto didn't back down to Montreal with a 3-0 victory that earned them three crucial points to jump to the top of the league. 

Toronto has the best penalty kill, denying opponents 95.7% of the time. Meanwhile, Natalie Spooner helps out outside of her zone by topping the PWHL with 12 goals. Sarah Nurse and Emma Maltais also lend a hand with double-digit points to sit inside the top 10. 

The string of recent success has only caused Toronto's odds to drop from +475 to +380 with less than half of the season remaining. 

According to our odds calculator, a $10 bet on Toronto to win the PWHL in 2024 at +380 odds would payout $48, which is a $38 profit. 

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