Fred VanVleet's Raptors are among the biggest sellers at the 2023 NBA trade deadline

Biggest NBA Trade Deadline Sellers: Raps, Bulls Can Shake Things Up

It’s trade season!

The NBA trade deadline is one of my favorite times of the year (yes, more than the Christmas Day games) because we really get down to the nitty-gritty of competition as teams decide if they want to buy or sell. On top of that, we get to speculate about who switches jerseys and if a new powerhouse squad will be created with a blockbuster swap.

In a moment, we’ll lay out all the top sellers at the 2023 NBA trade deadline and their respective trade pieces, but first, check out our NBA betting news page and NBA MVP odds for all the latest info. If you’re more into stats and trends, our NBA first-quarter/first-half betting report is perfect for you to gather extra info before making a wager. 

OK, it’s trade time. Let the fun begin!

NBA Trade Deadline: Which Teams Are Selling?

San Antonio Spurs

Poor Spurs. Since Kawhi Leonard left after the 2017-18 season, San Antonio has been caught in limbo, making the playoffs once during that span and grinding through what feels like a perpetual rebuild.

Surprise, surprise, the Spurs are ready to sell off some important pieces at the 2023 NBA deadline. Currently second last in the Western Conference, San Antonio appears comfortable shopping center Jakob Poeltl. The team reportedly engaged the Toronto Raptors in a potential Poeltl-for-Gary Trent Jr. swap. 

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls seem on the cusp of blowing it all up. With the Jimmy Butler days well in the rear-view mirror, Chicago endured multiple 20-win seasons before cracking the postseason a year ago thanks to DeMar DeRozan’s scoring heroics. The Bulls ultimately lost in the first round and haven’t gotten back on track since. 

Chicago has tons of tasty assets that could move at the NBA trade deadline. DeRozan’s scoring has regressed, meaning he could get shipped out. Center Nikola Vucevic and veteran guard Goran Dragic are both on expiring deals, making them rental targets. Alex Caruso is another versatile player who could find a home on a contender. 

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta doesn’t need to tear it down, but it could deal from its extra resources by shipping out bench assets such as Bogdan Bogdanovic. The 30-year-old could inject some much-needed scoring, particularly from beyond the arc, into a contending team. 

The club has also been shopping power forward John Collins, who’s taken a step back this year but could still net a decent return.

Toronto Raptors

In previous years, Raptors president Masai Ujiri has been hesitant to execute complete rebuilds (remember, Toronto held on to Kyle Lowry at the 2021 trade deadline). With the Raps hovering around play-in territory, the club needs to decide which direction it’s going. If it does sell, it has some of the deadline’s most attractive assets.

Guards Fred VanVleet and Gary Trent Jr., who are both likely to opt out at season’s end, are the obvious candidates to get shipped. There’s also a strong chance Toronto moves OG Anunoby, one of the league’s best defenders, though the asking price will be quite high.

2023 NBA Trade Deadline: Mock Trades

Let’s make a deal! I’ll explore some spicy NBA mock trades using a trade calculator. 

Lakers Buy Low on Raptors’ Core 

An NBA mock trade between the Raptors and Lakers

Raptors fans might not love this one, but it’s fair. Realistically, Toronto is getting just one year of Russell Westbrook, while Los Angeles gets one year of VanVleet and Trent. There’s a young piece headed to the Raps in Max Christie, plus the multiple first-rounders offset the despair of losing two of your best scorers. Add Khem Birch to balance the cap and, mwah, a trade is born.

Bulls Retool, Take On Warriors’ Unwanted Piece

An NBA mock trade between the Bulls and Warriors

It’s inevitable Draymond Green leaves Golden State. After cold-cocking teammate Jordan Poole during a scrimmage this summer, the damage was done. There’s really no going back after that. 

So, let’s say the Dubs and Bulls can work something out in this instance. Caruso plus Vucevic and his expiring deal head to Golden State, where they can be part of a playoff push, while the Bulls take Green (yikes), a young building block in James Wiseman and a future first. 

Suns Finally Please Ayton By Trading Him To Hawks

An NBA mock trade between the Suns and Hawks

As we noted before, the Hawks are looking to retool, not rebuild. By acquiring Deandre Ayton from Phoenix, Atlanta could get a super-talented big man who fits into its competitive window. On the other end, the Hawks can ship Collins and Capela – two big men capable of starting – to the Suns, who will be ready for a playoff run once their roster is healthier. 

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