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College Football Bowl Season Betting Guide: Trends & Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not the holidays. Well, yes, the holidays too, but more importantly, the 2023-24 college football bowl season.

Regular-season football has flown by but the excitement has only escalated with 43 college football bowl games featured this year. For some, a CFP run is at stake while others may be looking to end their season on a high note by hoisting a bowl trophy. 

Bowl games are scheduled to start Saturday, December 16, and continue through to the National Championship game on Monday, January 8.

Things To Look Out For In Bowl Game Bets

Here are some tips and college football bowl betting trends to help steer your wagers in the right direction!

Players Not Playing In Bowl Games

Before placing a bet, check our college football injury report on a specific game’s matchup page to make sure there haven’t been any recent injuries to key players. For example, the No. 5 Florida State Seminoles will be without starting QB Jordan Travis, who seriously injured his leg against North Alabama, for the Orange Bowl battle against the SEC's No. 6 Georgia Bulldogs. 

players in the transfer portal 

Once the portal opened on December 4th, it was absolute madness. We've seen plenty of notable names, especially quarterbacks, put their names into the transfer portal. Impactful players like Ohio State's Kyle McCord, Kansas State's Will Howard and Oregon State's DJ Uiagalelei all announced they have entered their names.

For example, the Cotton Bowl opened with the Buckeyes as 6.5-point favorites but once the news about McCord broke, that line significantly shifted to have Missouri as 2-point favorites now. So, ensure you follow along with the names in the portal!

Coaches Leaving, Players Opting Out

Handicapping bowl games can be tough this time of year because of changes in personnel and players opting to sit. If a coach has had a great season, he may end up being snagged by another school. Perhaps the departure of an assistant coach doesn’t have a direct impact but now is the time of year we see hires and fires. How do coaching changes impact the players? It’s something to consider.

It’s also the time of year that players opt to sit out of bowl games if they plan to make a run at getting picked up in the NFL draft. For example, the USC Trojans' Heisman-winning quarterback, Caleb Williams, has declared for the 2024 NFL Draft and will skip the Holiday Bowl. Familiar names from the past who’ve done this include LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey. Keep a lookout as the game you’re targeting approaches.


Most bowl games are played at neutral sites which requires both teams to travel ahead of kick-off. However, more often than not, the travel is much easier for one side. For example, the 2023 Orange Bowl will be played in the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida which isn't a far trip for the Florida State Seminoles compared to the Georgia Bulldogs. 


It happens. It’s something you definitely don’t handicap for, so just do a quick search beforehand to confirm that no sudden suspensions have occurred. For example, Oregon State's RB Damien Martinez, who gained over 1,000 rushing yards and nine touchdowns, has been suspended for the Sun Bowl after being arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Past seasons saw four Nevada players issued suspensions after a fight following a loss to UNLV, while players from Alabama and Clemson were dealt one-year suspensions after failing a drug test.

College Football Bowl Guide Betting Trends

As always, college football bowl trends aren’t a be-all and end-all of information but CFB bowl trends can help you finalize a play or at least help keep you off a game. Here are some college football bowl trends to consider before placing your bets.

Top 10 Most ATS Wins (Bowl Games)
Florida State13
Boise State13


Top 10 Most ATS Losses (Bowl Games)
West Virginia17
Virginia Tech13
Kansas State13
Texas A&M13

More College Football Bowl Betting Trends

Top 10 Most OVERs (Bowl Games)
West Virginia13
Virginia Tech13
Florida State13
Texas Tech11
North Carolina State11


Top 10 Most UNDERs (Bowl Games)
Ohio State15
Oklahoma State15
Virginia Tech13

College Football Bowl Betting Trends Last 5 Seasons

College Football Bowl Trends (SU/ATS/OVER)
Bowl GameFavorite SUFavorite ATSOVER Record
Bahamas Bowl3-2 (60.0%)2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Cure Bowl2-3 (40.0%)0-5 (0.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Boca Raton Bowl3-2 (60.0%)2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
New Mexico Bowl2-3 (40.0%)1-4 (20.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Independence Bowl2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
LendingTree Bowl4-1 (80.0%)3-2 (60.0%)4-1 (80.0%)
New Orleans Bowl4-1 (80.0%)3-2 (60.0%)4-1 (80.0%)
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)4-1 (80.0%)
Armed Forces Bowl4-1 (80.0%)3-2 (60.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Gasparilla Bowl3-2 (60.0%)3-2 (60.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Hawaii Bowl1-4 (20.0%)1-4 (20.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Camellia Bowl2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Quick Lane Bowl3-2 (60.0%)2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Military Bowl5-0 (100.0%)4-1 (80.0%)4-1 (80.0%)
Birmingham Bowl3-2 (60.0%)3-2 (60.0%)2-2-1 (50.0%)
First Responder Bowl5-0 (100.0%)3-1-1 (60.0%)2-2-1 (50.0%)
Liberty Bowl3-2 (60.0%)2-3 (40.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Holiday Bowl2-3 (40.0%)1-4 (20.0%)4-1 (80.0%)
Guaranteed Rate Bowl5-0 (100.0%)5-0 (100.0%)1-4 (20.0%)
Pinstripe Bowl4-1 (80.0%)3-2 (60.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Cheez-It Bowl5-0 (100.0%)4-1 (80.0%)1-3-1 (20.0%)
Alamo Bowl3-2 (60.0%)3-2 (60.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Mayo Bowl2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Music City Bowl2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Peach Bowl4-1 (80.0%)2-3 (40.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Las Vegas Bowl4-1 (80.0%)3-2 (60.0%)0-5 (0.0%)
Orange Bowl4-1 (80.0%)4-1 (80.0%)1-4 (20.0%)
Cotton Bowl3-2 (60.0%)3-2 (60.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Gator Bowl5-0 (100.0%)2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Sun Bowl4-1 (80.0%)2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Arizona Bowl4-1 (80.0%)2-3 (40.0%)1-3-1 (20.0%)
Outback Bowl2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)4-1 (80.0%)
Citrus Bowl5-0 (100.0%)4-0-1 (80.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Fiesta Bowl4-1 (80.0%)4-1 (80.0%)2-3 (40.0%)
Rose Bowl4-1 (80.0%)2-3 (40.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Sugar Bowl2-3 (40.0%)2-3 (40.0%)3-2 (60.0%)
Texas Bowl2-3 (40.0%)1-4 (20.0%)1-4 (20.0%)
Championship Game4-1 (80.0%)4-1 (80.0%)4-1 (80.0%)

Myrtle Beach Bowl only goes back to 2020

Frisco Bowl only goes back to 2017

Best College Bowl Betting Guide Tips

There are a million ways to handicap bowl games, but make sure to also look at the weather. Not every game is in a sunny place like Florida or the Bahamas (though they should be). You could also consider motivation as a factor. Although there is no metric for motivation, you could go off the simple idea that this is a college football team’s first bowl and they’ll give it everything they’ve got.

And remember, the books are required to put a line on every single game but that does not mean you have to place a bet on every single game. Be selective and always remember to practice bankroll management. Football is almost over – let’s not go crazy with these last games of the college football season.

College Bowl Season Betting Guide FAQ

How many college football bowl games are there?

There are 42 college football bowl games in 2021-22. NCAAF bettors typically bet on the Sugar Bowl, the Rose Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, the Peach Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, and the Orange Bowl. Common NCAA football bowl game betting lines include a wide variety of wagers such as outrights and NCAAF bowl game OVER/UNDERs.

What is the schedule for the college football bowl games?

The schedule for the college football bowl games begins on Friday, December 17, 2021 with the Bahamas Bowl which features Toledo and Middle Tennessee State at Thomas Robinson Stadium, and runs until Tuesday, January 4, 2022 with the Texas Bowl which is between LSU and Kansas State at NRG Stadium.

Where can I watch college football bowl games?

CFB bettors can watch 2021-22 college football bowl games on a number of different television networks. Depending on which NCAA football bowl game you would like to watch, you are able to tune in to NCAAF bowl games live across the likes of ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, ABC, as well as FOX.

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