Both Teams To Score is the bet to watch at Women's World Cup

Women's World Cup Betting Trends: Consider The Both Teams To Score Prop

If you've been following the Women's World Cup, you'll know that betting the UNDER has been massively profitable. It's all anyone is talking about at the moment. And for good reason. The UNDER is hitting at ~70% so far. 

But while, the UNDER has been profitable, I don't think that will continue (at least not at the rate it's currently seeing). So instead I suggest a different type of bet that's been consistently hitting at 80%+ in this tournament. Read on to see what I mean.

You'd think with such a scoreline that scoring would be rife in this World Cup. As you'll see, that isn't the case.

Women's World Cup: UNDER Slowing Down

As of July 30, 33 games have been played at the Women's World Cup in Australia/New Zealand. In 23 of those 33 contests, the UNDER has hit. That means it's still hitting at a 70% clip, but that's slowed down considerably of late.

The record vs the UNDER as of July 28 was 20-6. Since then it went 3-4. 

It's the cooling off that all the sharps expected. There's no way the UNDER could have sustained a nearly 80% rate through the rest of the tournament. 

As the tournament shifts from the group stage to the knockout stage you might keep riding the UNDER because the games get tighter with so much on the line. You might want to think again. 

Word Cup Trends: Time for OVERS?

The typical total line has been set at O/U 2.5 goals throughout this tournament. Looking back at the 2019 knockout stage an O/U 2.5 goal line went 10-6. There's precedent to say the OVER will hit at a higher clip than we've seen through the early stage of the tournament.

Again, we're already seeing the OVERS starting to pick up steam through the group stage. I don't think it's going to slow down.

I'd caution you to be careful with your total bets. Everyone might be raving about how frequently the UNDER has hit overall, but the OVER is picking up steam. 

World Cup Odds: One-Way Traffic

This one is for the degen prop bettors. A classic prop for every soccer game is "Both Teams To Score". For this prop bet, you choose between "Yes" and "No".

The "No" has hit in 27 of the 33 games (82%) at this tournament. That's a 9% slowdown from the 91% we saw through the early stage of the tournament but it's hitting often enough to continue considering it going forward.

You can find a lot of value here. Take a look at the odds on a "No" for Both Teams To Score for tomorrow's scheduled four games:

  • Japan vs. Spain: -135
  • Costa Rica vs. Zambia: +130
  • Canada vs. Australia: -110
  • Ireland vs. Nigeria: +110

Nothing lower than -135. For the sake of context, a $10 winning bet at -135 would return $7.41 of profit per our odds calculator. That's the floor on a bet that is hitting more than 80% at this tournament.