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2019-20 NBA Regular-Season Win Totals: Predictions For Every Team

NBA Regular Season Win Totals 2019 Season Giannis Antetokounmpo

Every basketball bettor and fan thinks they can envision how the 2019-20 NBA regular season will unfold. Well, I fit that criteria and I’m going to make an OVER/UNDER pick on every NBA team’s projected win total for the upcoming season that starts on Tuesday, October 22.

According to BetOnline, the Milwaukee Bucks lead the pack with their OVER/UNDER line set at 57.5 wins. Following right after the Bucks are the Philadelphia 76ers at 54.5, Los Angeles Clippers at 53.5, Utah Jazz at 53.5 and Houston Rockets at 53.5 to round out the top five totals on the oddsboard.

Atlanta Hawks OVER 34.5 Wins +110

A much-improved roster with a stud point guard, the Hawks will make noise in the Eastern Conference this season. Wing depth is key with Evan Turner and draft picks De’Andre Hunter and Cameron Reddish. Expect them to battle for the 7 or 8 seed in the East.

Boston Celtics OVER 48.5 Wins -120

Winning 49 games last season despite all of the drama with Kyrie Irving, this version of the Celtics may not win the title but they’ll win 50 games. Their lack of depth at center could be an issue. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will look reborn in this version of the Celtics.

Brooklyn Nets OVER 43.5 Wins -105

It would be a mistake to write off this team just because they don’t have Kevin Durant yet. Kyrie Irving, Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie will be a trio to be reckoned with during the regular season. They’re in 45- to 48-win territory if Kyrie plays 70 games or more.

Charlotte Hornets UNDER 23.5 Wins -120

There’s a reason Michael Jordan sold a stake in the team, because he knows his franchise is awful. PG Terry Rozier was their prized offseason acquisition and it’s a landfill of talent on the rest of the roster. It would be a surprise if they win more than 20 games.

Chicago Bulls UNDER 33.5 Wins +100

Let’s pump the brakes on a Bulls resurgence. They’re so young and will be outgunned against the majority of teams unless Lauri Markkanen makes a Dirk-like leap in his third season. Coby White, Thaddeus Young and Tomas Satoransky are not enough to forget the Bulls finished 9-32 SU in home games last season.

Cleveland Cavaliers UNDER 24 Wins -130

Another bottom-feeder in the East, the Cavs drafted another guard in Darius Garland to pair with Collin Sexton. Young guards in the NBA usually translate to turnovers and poor decisions, which means it’s hard to bank on the Cavs winning 25 games, even if Kevin Love plays a full season.

Dallas Mavericks OVER 40.5 Wins -125

The pairing of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis is going to be fun to watch and they’ll beat up on the bad teams in the NBA. They still need one more piece to be a real contender. The Western Conference is tough but they should still finish with a winning record this season.

Denver Nuggets OVER 52.5 Wins -125

Expected to win the Northwest Division again this season, penciling in the Nuggets to win 53 games should be a sweat-free bet. They were 34-7 SU in 41 home games last season and may have a secret weapon in Michael Porter Jr. Too much depth on the roster for this bet to lose. 

Detroit Pistons UNDER 37.5 Wins +105

This bet hinges a bit on the health of Blake Griffin, as he played more than 70 games last year for the first time since the 2013-14 season. Outside of him and maybe Derrick Rose, this roster is terrible. They were one of the worst offenses last season and made no significant improvements while other teams in the East did.

Golden State Warriors OVER 48.5 Wins -110

You can write off the Warriors all you want but if Stephen Curry plays more than 70 games, this team will win 50 of them. D’Angelo Russell was a great pickup for the Dubs and Klay Thompson will be back by January. They may not be the top seed or fave in the West anymore but let’s not pour dirt on the Warriors just yet.

Houston Rockets UNDER 53.5 Wins +105

The pairing of James Harden with Russell Westbrook looks cool if you’re playing NBA2K but for game flow, this is going to hinder the Rockets. Not convinced Westbrook can adjust his playing style enough to complement Houston’s three-point offense. They’ll likely win 50 games but fall short of this total.

Indiana Pacers OVER 46.5 Wins -110

Winning 48 games last season with all-star Victor Oladipo missing 46 contests, the Pacers can be forgotten because of their lack of star power. They added Malcolm Brogdon and TJ McConnell to their backcourt and were already one of the stingier defenses in the NBA. Mark them down for 50 wins.

Los Angeles Clippers OVER 53.5 Wins -110

On paper, this team is stacked and should win 60 games. This bet all depends on how many games Kawhi Leonard and Paul George play this season. George is expected to miss the first two weeks of the regular season and Kawhi only played 67 games last year for load management. If they are both in shape and playing together regularly by December, 54 wins is a lock.

Los Angeles Lakers OVER 50.5 Wins

You could almost say the same thing about the Lakers as mentioned about the Clippers but the difference is the Lakers have less margin for error. They traded away all of their roster depth for Anthony Davis and if he gets hurt, the Lakers will be in danger of missing the playoffs. A LeBron-led team has only fallen short of 50 wins in three of his 15 seasons so I’ll ride with the King to get 51 wins.

Memphis Grizzlies UNDER 26.5 Wins +105

The duo of Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. will be a force in the NBA but not this season. These two will take their lumps in a competitive Western Conference. The Grizzlies will give some teams fits because of their frontcourt depth but their guards outside of Morant are poor.

Miami Heat OVER 43.5 Wins

The Jimmy Butler effect is real. The four-time all-star will bring some toughness to a Heat squad that needs a jolt with Dwyane Wade’s retirement. Not a huge fan of their bench as their starters will need to play heavy minutes most nights, but if Butler stays healthy, he’ll carry the Heat to 45 wins.

Milwaukee Bucks OVER 57.5 wins +105

The team I expect to finish with the best record in the Eastern Conference, the Bucks’ regression is a myth. Giannis Antetokounmpo is still a top-three player in the league and Milwaukee added some pieces like Wesley Matthews, Kyle Korver and Robin Lopez to make up for the losses of Nikola Mirotic and Malcolm Brogdon. They will be dominant in the East.

Minnesota Timberwolves UNDER 35.5 Wins -110

A team stuck in neutral, it’s hard to envision where the Timberwolves fit in the Western Conference. Andrew Wiggins seems to have plateaued and Karl-Anthony Towns has become a good stats/bad team player. A full season with Robert Covington and Jarrett Culver should keep them competitive but if Wiggins and Towns continue to fall short, this team isn’t going anywhere.

New Orleans Pelicans OVER 39.5 Wins -125

The No. 1 pick for NBA League Pass, the Pelicans will be must-see TV with Zion Williamson. Not sure how long it will take for the league to catch up to his playing style but he’s a bull in a china shop. The depth on the Pelicans is what will keep this team competitive through the season and if Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram take another step in their development, New Orleans will win 45 to 50 games this year.

New York Knicks UNDER 26.5 Wins +105

After striking out on free agency, the Knicks now have to rely on developing their young draft picks like RJ Barrett, Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson. New York will take a lot of lumps this season and while the Knicks may surprise a team or two, they will be a dumpster fire defensively. Bottom-five team in the NBA.

Oklahoma City Thunder OVER 32.5 wins -110

Very close to predicting the UNDER for this team but worry that Chris Paul will go into full “Eff You” mode and carry this team to 40 wins. Tons of talent in OKC but a team that’s built to tear apart quickly if GM Sam Presti doesn’t like what he sees. Ride the OVER but if they struggle, don’t be surprised to see this team stripped and then tank for a top pick.

Orlando Magic UNDER 41.5 Wins +100

This one will be close as they play in an awful division and are tough defensively but they didn’t improve in the offseason as they’d hoped. They’re basically running the gang back and added Al-Farouq Aminu for more frontcourt depth. Too many teams in the East that were below them improved and the Magic don’t have the high-end talent to beat the good teams.

Philadelphia 76ers OVER 54.5 Wins -110

The only contender in the East that can challenge the Bucks, the concern for the Sixers is their bench depth when we get into the nitty-gritty of the season. They won 51 games last season with an out-of-shape Joel Embiid and a cranky Jimmy Butler. Their frontcourt depth should be able to carry them to 55 wins.

Phoenix Suns UNDER 29.5 Wins -110

Adding Ricky Rubio and Jevon Carter should help the Suns find some stability at point guard but it’s not enough to overcome their schedule. The Suns play in arguably the toughest division in the NBA with the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors and Kings and they finished 3-13 SU in 16 games vs those squads last season. Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker may end up putting it together eventually but it won’t be this season.

Portland Trail Blazers UNDER 46.5 Wins

Picking the UNDER against the Blazers may be the toughest pick out of the 30 teams but this is the season where they finally regress. Their starting backcourt is incredible but if either Damian Lillard or CJ McCollum were to miss time due to injury, this team would fall apart. It’s obvious to say the West is competitive but Portland didn’t improve enough in the offseason to keep pace. It was a true coin flip for this one as the Blazers will likely finish in the 44- to 48-win range.

Sacramento Kings OVER 37.5 Wins -125

A team that has been built and rebuilt over and over again, the Kings may finally have a roster that finishes with a winning record this season. The health of Marvin Bagley III will decide this win total as he is a new hybrid of big man in the NBA. They won 39 games last year but play in a tough division. They’ll win at least 40 games this season. 

San Antonio Spurs OVER 45.5 Wins -110

Betting against the Spurs is a fool’s errand. They won 48 games last season and were nearly untouchable at home with a 32-9 record. DeMar DeRozan should be more acclimated this season and they get their point guard Dejounte Murray back. The addition of DeMarre Carroll was a sneaky pickup too. 

Toronto Raptors UNDER 46.5 Wins +105

Overall, the defending champions have a solid roster but the top of the East is so tough. They play in a tough division and there’s no Kawhi Leonard to tip the balance of talent. They will still be a playoff team and likely win 43 to 45 games but fall short of 46.

Utah Jazz UNDER 53.5 Wins -110

On paper, the Jazz look stacked. Matching up with the best teams in the West, not so much. Mike Conley is a great point guard but he gets hurt too often for him to be depended on for 75-plus games. They don’t have a ton of frontcourt scoring and they got off to slow starts the last two seasons. They’ll likely win 50 games but fall short of this total.

Washington Wizards OVER 26.5 Wins -120

Thirty-two wins last season with a dumpster fire of a roster, the Wizards will likely fall backward into 27 wins just because of how bad the bottom of the Eastern Conference is. Their defense was so bad last year and it’s not likely to get any better based on who they added in the offseason. Bradley Beal is a stud and will get his numbers but if he was to carry this team to 40 wins, he deserves the MVP.

2019-20 NBA Regular-season Win Totals
Team2018-19 Wins2019-20 Win TotalOVERUNDER
Atlanta Hawks2934.5+110-130
Boston Celtics4948.5-120+100
Brooklyn Nets4243.5-105-115
Charlotte Hornets3923.5+100-120
Chicago Bulls2233.5-120+100
Cleveland Cavaliers1924.5+110-130
Dallas Mavericks3340.5-125+105
Denver Nuggets5452.5-125+105
Detroit Pistons4137.5-125+105
Golden State Warriors5748.5-110-110
Houston Rockets5353.5-125+105
Indiana Pacers4846.5-110-110
Los Angeles Clippers4853.5-110-110
Los Angeles Lakers3750.5-110-110
Memphis Grizzlies3326.5-125+105
Miami Heat3943.5-120+100
Milwaukee Bucks6057.5+105-125
Minnesota Timberwolves3635.5-110-110
New Orleans Pelicans3339.5-125+105
New York Knicks1726.5-125+105
Oklahoma City Thunder4932.5-110-110
Orlando Magic4241.5-120+100
Philadelphia 76ers5154.5-110-110
Phoenix Suns1929.5-110-110
Portland Trail Blazers5346.5-110-110
Sacramento Kings3937.5-125+105
San Antonio Spurs4845.5-110-110
Toronto Raptors5846.5-125+105
Utah Jazz5053.5-110-110
Washington Wizards3227.5-120+100

All odds courtesy of BetOnline as of October 15