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2020-21 NBA Regular-Season Win Totals Odds

The Milwaukee Bucks lead the NBA win totals odds.

With just days before the 2020-21 NBA season tips off, oddsmakers have released regular-season NBA win totals odds for the upcoming season with the Milwaukee Bucks projected to have the best record in the league.

The best basketball betting sites have the Bucks’ OVER/UNDER line for regular-season wins at 51 and if they surpass that mark, it would be their third season in a row winning more than 50 games. The Los Angeles Lakers, the reigning NBA champions and the betting favorite for 2021, have the next-highest projected win total at 47.5.

The NBA team projected to be in the league basement is the Cleveland Cavaliers, with sportsbooks tabbing their O/U win total at 21.5. Cleveland, which finished last season with 19 wins in 65 games, edges out the New York Knicks (O/U 22.5) for the team with the lowest line.

The 2020-21 NBA regular season is a bit different than in years past. With an unconventional travel schedule, teams playing only 72 games, limited fans in attendance and the possibility that some NBA players may rest to start the year, these betting props could be a bit difficult for the casual bettor to handicap.

For now, here are the OVER/UNDER NBA win totals odds for all 30 NBA teams:

2020-21 NBA Regular-season Win Totals Odds
TeamWin TotalLast Season WinsOVERUNDER
Atlanta Hawks35.520-130EVEN
Boston Celtics45.548+105-135
Brooklyn Nets45.535-110-110
Charlotte Hornets25.523-160+120
Chicago Bulls29.522-105-125
Cleveland Cavaliers21.519-105-125
Dallas Mavericks42.543-145+110
Denver Nuggets44.546-105-125
Detroit Pistons23.520EVEN-130
Golden State Warriors38.515-115-115
Houston Rockets35.544+110-145
Indiana Pacers39.545-125-105
Los Angeles Clippers46.549-130EVEN
Los Angeles Lakers47.552-125-105
Memphis Grizzlies31.534-130EVEN
Miami Heat44.544-105-125
Milwaukee Bucks5156+110-140
Minnesota Timberwolves28.519-165+125
New Orleans Pelicans35.530-120-110
New York Knicks22.521-125-105
Oklahoma City Thunder23.544+115-150
Orlando Magic3233EVEN-130
Philadelphia 76ers44.543-135+105
Phoenix Suns39.534-135+105
Portland Trail Blazers40.535-160+120
Sacramento Kings28.531-125-105
San Antonio Spurs29.531-135+105
Toronto Raptors42.553-170+130
Utah Jazz41.544-150+115
Washington Wizards32.525-130EVEN

Odds as of December 20 at BetOnline

Why The Bucks Have The Highest Win Total

An NBA regular-season darling, the Milwaukee Bucks should be at the top of the oddsboard for the highest win total for the simple fact that they have the most dominant superstar in Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The two-time NBA MVP has made a living the last two seasons feasting on lesser competition in the Eastern Conference and it helps that the Bucks get to play in the Central Division, which has three putrid teams in the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons and Cleveland Cavaliers. None of those teams are currently projected to finish with more than 30 regular-season wins.

While Milwaukee wasn’t able to snare Bogdan Bogdanovic from the Sacramento Kings in a trade, the Bucks got a significant roster upgrade by shipping Eric Bledsoe out of town for Jrue Holiday from the Pelicans.

The combo guard is an immediate upgrade on the perimeter for defense and three-point shooting. The Bucks clearly made point guard a priority in the offseason by adding Holiday, Bryn Forbes and D.J. Augustin while getting more rugged on defense with Torrey Craig and Bobby Portis.

Barring an injury to Antetokounmpo, the Bucks have enough depth and talent to likely win 55 or more games, so their OVER 51 NBA win totals odds at +110 feels like free money.

NBA Teams Win Totals To Monitor

The two teams that bettors should be taking a hard look at in NBA win totals odds are the Phoenix Suns (O/U 39.5) and Minnesota Timberwolves (O/U 28.5), two teams that seem to be trending in opposite directions.

Phoenix Suns OVER 39.5 (-135)

No team overhauled its roster for the better as much as the Phoenix Suns, who finally feel like they have an adult in the room. The Suns traded for “point gawd” Chris Paul from the Thunder to pair with rising superstars Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton and have a ton of momentum after dominating the Orlando bubble.

The Suns started off hot in the 2019-20 season before falling apart in the latter stages, which is why they got edged out for the final playoff spot in the West even though they were undefeated in the bubble. With Paul, this team will not lose focus in the middle of the season as it did last year, and it has the type of talent to let CP3 just manage the game and not have to overdo it.

The sharpshooting Booker could finally make the all-star team and a big like Ayton should flourish with Paul running the show. Just ask Tyson Chandler, DeAndre Jordan and any center he’s played with.

With this win total at 39.5, you only need the Suns to win six more games than they did in 2019-20 and the addition of Paul should push them over the top.

Minnesota Timberwolves UNDER 28.5 (+125)

Did we miss the memo that the Timberwolves are, all of a sudden, a good team? Sure, they added Anthony Edwards as the first pick in the NBA draft, but the defensive deficiencies that plagued the T-Wolves last season didn’t just miraculously disappear because Edwards and D’Angelo Russell are now on the roster.

Minnesota ranked 27th in points allowed per game last season and while the addition of Ricky Rubio should help that somewhat, the fact remains that Russell will have the ball in his hands in crunch time and Karl-Anthony Towns has yet to prove he can show up in big games.

A lot of the Western Conference teams have improved in the offseason and it’s going to be a dogfight near the end of the season to get those final playoff spots.

How to Understand NBA OVER/UNDER Odds

When you check out a basketball betting site, you’ll see odds for team win totals displayed like this:

Boston Celtics O/U 49.5

48.5 OVER -120

48.5 UNDER +100

The number beside the team name is its projected regular-season win total. In this case, it’s 49.5. If you think Boston is going to win more than 49 games, you would take the over at -120.

A $100 bet would give you a payout of $183.33 – you get your $100 back along with your winnings of $83.33. Conversely, if you think they’re going to win fewer than 48 games, you’d take the UNDER at +100. That same $100 would give $200 – your original money returns, coupled with your prize of $100.

To see what you’d get on a winning bet based on the odds and amount wagered, our Odds Calculator will show you.

What is a Prop Bet on O/U Odds?

Although this may look like a totals bet because of the OVER/UNDER aspect, this is actually a prop bet because you’re technically wagering on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific player or team milestone. In this case, the marker is the total number of wins being more or less than the oddsmaker’s set number.

To get the best value on your bets, take odds you like as soon as you see them. When oddsmakers set the lines, they could change as the season progresses and more games are played.