NFL 2-0 and 0-2 start trends

Are NFL Teams That Start 0-2 Screwed?

It's hard not to overreact to the first two games of an NFL season. But, does a 2-0 start really guarantee playoffs? And are the 0-2 teams essentially toast? Our Odds Shark NFL Database seems to think so:

Are 0-2 Teams Screwed?

Okay 0-2 teams, take a seat. It's not completely over, but it certainly isn't good news. In the last five years, only three of the 39 teams that started 0-2 (7.7%) went on to make the playoffs.

If Bengals fans want any consolation, as their team started 0-2 this season, their 2022 squad was one of those three teams! Before the Bengals made it into the postseason after an 0-2 start last year, a team hadn't made the playoffs after that slow start since 2018.

As well, there is one shining beacon of 0-2 hope if you want to look back far enough: the 2007-08 New York Giants. Those G-men started the 2007 season off with hefty losses to the Cowboys and Packers before going on a run.

They won 10 of their final 14 games, snuck into the postseason as a wild card, and then went on a miracle run to the Super Bowl. Months after starting 0-2, they were the only team to beat the 16-0 New England Patriots that season, besting them 17-14 in the big game.

Can The 2-0 Teams Be Stopped?

Likewise, starting 2-0 is a great sign for your playoff chances, but it's no guarantee. In the last five years, 29 of the 40 teams that started 2-0 went on to make the postseason (72.5%). Last year, though, the 2-0 teams swept the board and all six went on to the playoffs.

All 2-0 and 0-2 Teams (Last 5 Years)

NFL Playoffs - 2-0 & 0-2 Teams
 Kansas CityYCarolinaN
 PhiladelphiaYLas VegasN
 Tampa BayYTennesseeN
 NY GiantsY  
 LA RamsYJacksonvilleN
 Las VegasYMinnesotaN
 San FranciscoYNY JetsN
 Tampa BayYNY GiantsN
 Green BayYDetroitN
 LA RamsYMiamiN
 Kansas CityYMinnesotaN
 Las VegasNNY JetsN
 TennesseeYNY GiantsN
 Green BayYJacksonvilleN
 LA RamsNMiamiN
 Kansas CityYNY JetsN
 New EnglandYPittsburghN
 SeattleYNY GiantsN
 San FranciscoYWashingtonN
2018LA RamsYHoustonY
 Kansas CityYBuffaloN
 Tampa BayNDetroitN
 CincinnatiNNY GiantsN
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