Harry Styles an option to perform at 2024 super bowl halftime show

Who Will Headline 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

The social media investigators have been working overtime trying to seek any clues to find out the answer to a very important, ground-breaking piece of news -- who will perform at the 2024 NFL Super Bowl halftime show?

Who will headline super bowl 58 halftime show?

Super Bowl 58 Halftime Performer Odds
Harry Styles+350
Miley Cyrus+350
Bad Bunny+500
Ariana Grande+1000
Taylor Swift+1000
Billy Eilish+1500
Dua Lipa+1500
Lady Gaga+1800
Britney Spears+2000
Elton John+2000

Odds as of August 22

2024 super bowl headliner theories 

There's been plenty of buzz about who could take the stage in Las Vegas, Nevada. Typically, the big announcement is made around the middle or end of September. There's been rumors suggesting the NFL is looking for another female artist to follow Rihanna's performance last year, reeling in over 121-million viewers to become the most-watched in history. 

Tough act to follow. But, first things first, let's clear a couple of names who won't be picking up the microphone. 

Taylor Swift (+1000)

Sorry, Swifties. It seems Taylor has declined this offer a few times since 2015. Trust me, I'm sure the NFL wants her after all the popularity she's received over her iconic Eras Tour, which features over a three-hour setlist and has seen 146 shows and counting. 

I mean, she's already sold-out 20 different football stadiums. So, it wouldn't be anything new or crazy for her. 

Would this definitely be the most-watched halftime show without a freaking doubt? Yes. I'd tag -100000 odds on it, honestly. But the truth is, Swift doesn't need to Super Bowl. It's the Super Bowl that needs her. 

Ed Sheeran (+3000)

Another pop-star who's been getting attention from his recent tour. The British singer has been acknowledged for his skill of relying on no band and looper pedals to create the beat and harmonies to his songs. Would be pretty dang cool to see at Allegiant Stadium... too bad, we won't. 

The 32-year-old is being too humble and claims he won't perform on his own because he lacks "pizazz". Buddy, you literally make music with a couple of buttons, a guitar and your feet. Have a bit of confidence!

Who is headlining the 2024 super bowl half-time show?

Now look, these are all just a little bit of friendly gossip from little birdies. So, don't shoot the messenger if none of these actually happen! 

Suspect #1: Harry Styles (+350)

The enthusiasm I feel just typing the name -- ugh! Now, I know it's not the female artist the NFL was leaning towards. But, Mr. Styles would sure bring in all the female attention as he is a true fan favorite that needs to be protected at all times!

The former One Direction member just finished his own famous tour after almost two years and 160 performances. With the Super Bowl headed to The Strip, we expect things to be big and flashy. If you have seen any of Styles' tour outfits and energy, you'll understand why he would be a proper fit (excuse the British twang). 

Suspect #2: Miley Cyrus (+350)

Speaking of finding a perfect resemblance of the Vegas life, Miley Cyrus is the perfect image. The 30-year-old is a carefree, bubbly party-animal who knows how to have a good time and is unapologetically herself.

Whether she's sticking out her tongue, twerking or surrounded by crazy costumes... she is the symbol for a Las Vegas halftime show. Like, is this not totally Sin City vibes?

And sure, she'd grown a lot through her childhood career as she's entered her rock, raspy, vocal era. But, that only emphasizes why she would knock this performance out of the park as she'd be able to sing a variety of genres to a wide-variety of music lovers. Also, if she could just slap on a blonde wig and sing just one Hannah Montana song? It would really heal my inner child. 

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