Discover past trends in our Mega Super Bowl Betting Database

Mega Super Bowl Betting Database: Discover Past Trends For Future Rewards

Have you ever wanted a breakdown of EVERY SINGLE SCORE throughout Super Bowl history compiled into one place? Do you want to unlock betting trends of the past to reap gains of the future? We’ve got you covered.

Odds Shark’s brand new Mega Super Bowl Betting Database is the ideal wagering tool to sort through previous NFL championship games and find your best bets. You can identify betting trends and historical data that will tell you what to bet and when to bet it on Super Bowl Sunday.

Interactive Super Bowl Data Visual Graph

Data courtesy of Pro Football Reference

How Do I Use The Super Bowl Database?

Step 1: Understand What Youre Using

The first step in using our Super Bowl database is getting to know the tool you’re working with. This database shows every single touchdown (TD), field goal (FG) and safety from all 55 Super Bowls. These scores are sorted by when in a quarter they happened (along the X axis at the bottom) and what quarter they occurred in (by the 1, 2, 3, 4 and OT in each category on the Y axis). 

Hovering over a dot, representing any score, as shown below, can give you more information on the score and when it happened.

Step 2: Filter For What Youre Looking For

The best way to use our Super Bowl tool is to filter around for what you’re looking for by using the filter tool at the bottom. By clicking the three lines in the bottom-left corner, you can filter down the scores by down, how many yards to go, what Super Bowl the score happened in and more. See the screenshot below for the available filters or try out the tool yourself:

It’s easiest to play around with the sorting, click Apply and see what pops up to start. As you get more familiar with the tool, you can begin to look for specific trends.

Step 3: Profit

After you start sorting for specific trends, the potential for profit starts rising. You can use the filters to look for specific trends like time of touchdowns, first touchdowns, most common scores and when those scores happen.

For example, by sorting for touchdowns in the third quarter in the last 10 Super Bowls, you can inform your live TD bets on Super Bowl Sunday. Below we have some of our biggest betting trend takeaways from the Odds Shark Super Bowl database.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

Bet The Field Goal For First Score Of Game

As seen in our Super Bowl database, a field goal has been the first score in 27 of the 55 Super Bowls. Touchdowns have been the first score 25 times and safeties just three times.

When looking at Sportsbook's first score method odds, we can turn that knowledge into potential profit. Despite a history of being the first score 49 percent of the time, field goal is an underdog to be the first score in Super Bowl 56. The +150 odds for a first score field goal, as seen below, imply a 40 percent chance of Super Bowl 56 Sportsbook with a field goal, per our odds calculator. Maybe it’s time to hop on the first score field goal bet while the odds are still so low!

Super Bowl 56 First Score Method
SportsbookOddsImplied ProbabilitySB Historical Percentages
Field Goal+15040%49%
Any Other Score+37502.6%5.5%

Odds as of February 1 courtesy of Sportsbook

Lock in a first score method bet at one of the top Super Bowl Prop Betting Sites.

Take A Passing Touchdown For First TD Of Game

Another big takeaway from our Super Bowl historical database is the frequency of early passing touchdowns. In the last 10 NFL championships (Super Bowls 46 to 55), there has been just one rushing touchdown in the first quarter compared to five passing TDs.

One way to capitalize on this bet is to bet on a wide receiver or two of your choice in first touchdown scorer odds. Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp opened at +500 as first TD scorer and Cincinnati Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase opened at +800 at Sportsbook.

First Touchdown Scorer 
Cooper Kupp+450
Joe Mixon+700
Cam Akers+750
Ja’Marr Chase+800
Odell Beckham Jr.+1000

Odds as of February 1 courtesy of Sportsbook

Check out our full list of player props with first TD scoring odds over at our Super Bowl Player Prop Bets page.

Focus On Receivers Following 2-Minute Warning

This one’s a little bit niche, and you’ll have to be ready to plug in the live bet at the right time, but passing touchdowns late in the second quarter are all the rage in recent Super Bowls. In the last 10 Super Bowls, there have been nine scores in the final two minutes of the first half, and six of those have been passing touchdowns.

In last year’s Super Bowl 55, Tom Brady found Antonio Brown in the end zone with 10 seconds left in the half, and you should be looking for a similar outcome this year. Keep your eyes on the live first half OVER, or odds on the result of the specific drive, near the end of the Sportsbook half.

Cash The OVER For Second-Half Scoring

Another cool thing you can look at with our Super Bowl database tool is the production of specific teams in the Super Bowl. When you narrow down the fields to the two teams in this year’s Super Bowl, the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, you can look at their three previous combined Super Bowl appearances — 16, 23 and 53.

There were 21 total scores in those three previous Super Bowls (12 touchdowns, nine field goals), but 14 of those tallies came in the second half. Will the second-half production of these two squads continue into Super Bowl 56?

Super Bowl 56 OVER/UNDERS
Game TotalFirst Half TotalSecond Half Total
OVER 48.5 (-110)OVER 23.5 (-115)OVER 24.5 (-110)
UNDER 48.5 (-110)UNDER 23.5 (-105)UNDER 24.5 (-110)

Odds as of February 4 courtesy of Sportsbook

Bet on the second half OVER at one of the best Super Bowl Betting Sites.

Live-Bet The OVER Late

There are a few different trends that our Super Bowl database uncovers that should give you confidence in live-betting an UNDER on Super Bowl Sunday.

Teams have historically executed on offense late in Super Bowls, as shown by the 35 touchdowns in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter in Super Bowl history, compared to just 10 field goals. 

In the last 10 Super Bowls, there have been 11 scoring plays in the final five minutes of regulation, more than in any other quarter. Last year’s Super Bowl was the first since 2014 in which there weren’t at least 10 points scored in the fourth quarter.

If you’re missing some bets on Super Bowl Sunday and are in need of a late win, toss some cash on the OVER at the beginning of the fourth quarter over at one of our top Super Bowl sportsbooks.

What Are Super Bowl Betting Trends?

If this is your first crack at betting on the Super Bowl or even if you’re an experienced NFL bettor, you’ve come to the right place. Our NFL hub page has all the latest Super Bowl 56 odds and information. Our How To Bet On The Super Bowl page is the perfect spot to get started on your bets, but then you can progress to bigger and more complicated wagers.

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