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How Much Money is Bet on the Super Bowl Every Year?

Ever wonder how much money is bet on the Super Bowl every year? We have the answers.

The Super Bowl is the … Super Bowl of sports betting. For bettors around the world, this is their chance to bet on the NFL’s biggest game. For some, it will end in tears; for others, it will end with a ton of cash deposited into their online betting account.

American gambling online, whether it’s prop bets or spreads or totals, is big business. However, what about those who bet in person at a Las Vegas sportsbook? Have you ever wondered what the total handle – a fancy way to say the “sum of all bets” – is for the NFL’s most important Sunday?

Super Bowl Bets by the Numbers

An obscene amount of money is thrown into Super Bowl betting each year. According to the American Gaming Association, roughly 23 million Americans were estimated to have bet on the Super Bowl in 2019. As of 2018, there were 327.2 million people living in the United States. That means about seven percent of the population – basically, everyone and their mothers – are hoping to lay down some cash on the Super Bowl yearly.

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The Nevada State Gaming Control Board releases the total amount bet on the Super Bowl about 24 hours after the game. These numbers are courtesy of 200 sportsbooks from across the state. This data goes back to 1991 – that year, bettors placed $40,080,409 worth of wagers on the Super Bowl. That’s equivalent to about $75,000,000 today.

You’ll notice that Super Bowl 53 saw less money wagered than the previous year. Maybe people were sick of seeing the New England Patriots? Maybe Los Angeles Rams bettors sat this one out? Who knows. What we do know is that legal wagers at sportsbooks in the Silver State make up a huge chunk of revenue at casinos from Sin City to Reno to Carson City.

Additionally, check out Super Bowls 31 and 34. There is no winner against the spread (ATS) because both games pushed. In sports gambling, a PUSH is when the spread result or total score hits the oddsmaker’s set number exactly. In this instance, the betting site gives you your money back.

Furthermore, 24 out of 30 times the winner of the big game was also the ATS winner. Only in Super Bowls 30, 38, 39 and 43 has the loser covered the spread. The average total score is 46.6. Some games are high-scoring affairs where the O-line is hotter than a grill during the parking lot tailgate. In other years, the teams can barely make it past each other’s D-lines into the end zone.

Check out the chart below and see for yourself exactly how much is bet on the Super Bowl.

For more information on the numerous ways to wager on the big game, check out our How to Bet on the Super Bowl article. To keep up to date on the latest odds for Super Bowl 55 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, our Super Bowl futures page has you covered.

How Much Money Is Bet on the Super Bowl?

Total Amount Wagered Since Super Bowl 25
Super BowlAmount Bet (USD)ScoreStraight-up WinnerATS Winner
54 (Feb 2, 2020)$154,703,640Chiefs 31, 49ers 20ChiefsChiefs
53 (Feb 3, 2019)$145,939,025Patriots 13, Rams 3PatriotsPatriots
52 (Feb 4, 2018)$158,586,934Eagles 41, Patriots 33EaglesEagles
51 (Feb 5, 2017)$138,480,136Patriots 34, Falcons 28PatriotsPatriots
50 (Feb 7, 2016)$132,545,587Broncos 24, Panthers 10BroncosBroncos
49 (Feb 1, 2015)$115,986,086Patriots 28, Seahawks 24PatriotsPatriots
48 (Feb 2, 2014)$119,400,822Seahawks 43, Broncos 8Seahawks Seahawks
47 (Feb 3, 2013)$98,936,798Ravens 34, 49ers 31RavensRavens
46 (Feb 5, 2012)$93,899,840Giants 21, Patriots 17GiantsGiants
45 (Feb 6, 2011)$87,491,098Packers 31, Steelers 25PackersPackers
44 (Feb 7, 2010)$82,726,367Saints 31, Colts 17SaintsSaints
43 (Feb 1, 2009)$81,514,748Steelers 27, Cardinals 23SteelersCardinals
42 (Feb 3, 2008)$92,055,833Giants 17, Patriots 14GiantsGiants
41 (Feb 4, 2007)$93,067,358Colts 29, Bears 17ColtsColts
40 (Feb 5, 2006)$94,534,372Steelers 21, Seahawks 10SteelersSteelers
39 (Feb 6, 2005)$90,759,236Patriots 24, Eagles 21PatriotsEagles
38 (Feb 1, 2004)$81,242,191Patriots 32, Panthers 29PatriotsPanthers
37 (Jan 26, 2003)$71,513,304Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21BuccaneersBuccaneers
36 (Feb 3, 2002)$71,693,032Patriots 20, Rams 17PatriotsPatriots
35 (Jan 28, 2001)$67,661,425Ravens 34, Giants 7RavensRavens
34 (Jan 30, 2000)$71,046,751Rams 23, Titans 16RamsPUSH
33 (Jan 31, 1999)$75,986,520Broncos 34, Falcons 19BroncosBroncos
32 (Jan 25, 1998)$77,253,246Broncos 31, Packers 24BroncosBroncos
31 (Jan 26, 1997)$70,853,211Packers 35, Patriots 21PackersPUSH
30 (Jan 28, 1996)$70,907,801Cowboys 27, Steelers 17CowboysSteelers
29 (Jan 29, 1995)$69,591,81849ers 49, Chargers 2649ers49ers
28 (Jan 29, 1994)$54,483,221Cowboys 30, Bills 13CowboysCowboys
27 (Jan 31, 1993)$56,811,405Cowboys 52, Bills 17CowboysCowboys
26 (Jan 26, 1992)$50,334,227Redskins 37, Bills 24RedskinsRedskins
25 (Jan 27, 1991)$40,080,409Giants 20, Bills 19GiantsGiants

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