Best NFL season player props interceptions entering the 2022 season.

Best NFL Season Player Props Interceptions 2022: Byard A Great Bet

Predicting who will lead the NFL in interceptions is a difficult thing to do.

In fact, no player has led the league in interceptions two years in a row since Everson Walls in 1981 and 1982, and only seven players since Walls have led the league – or been tied for the league lead – more than once in their career.

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Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard is the last player to lead the NFL in INTs more than once, topping the league in 2020 and tying for the top spot in 2018. But predicting when those spike years will occur is tricky, even for the best players.

Howard himself has career totals of 0, 4, 7, 1, 10 and 5. Two big seasons mixed in with four others.

But, because it’s so hard to predict how many picks a given player will get in a season, sportsbooks tend to keep the totals in NFL interception props low across the board. This gives us an opportunity to find some value on the NFL’s top ballhawks and make some educated best guesses about how many INTs they’ll end up with.


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Our Top NFL Season Player Props: Interceptions

Trevon Diggs Interceptions: UNDER 5 (-115)

Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs had an incredible season forcing turnovers in 2021. Diggs’ 11 interceptions was the most in a single season since 1981.

But that number is due for some regression. Diggs only had three picks the year before, and getting upwards of 10 is very rare in today’s NFL – that’s why sportsbooks have set his number at five interceptions for 2022.

We’re betting the regression hits Diggs in a big way and that he’ll end up with less than five. There’s a chance he’s simply an elite ballhawking corner and he ends up with more than five every year, but that’s unlikely. 

An injury (like he suffered in his rookie season, limiting him to 11 games) would knock down his number as well, and that’s before accounting for the fact that opposing quarterbacks may actively stay away from him next season.

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J.C. Jackson Interceptions: UNDER 4.5 (+105)

Speaking of regression candidates, new Chargers corner J.C. Jackson is likely also due to have his INT number come down a bit after he was second in the league with eight last season.

Jackson has a longer history of high INT totals than Diggs as he put up nine picks in 2020 and five in 2019, but I love getting the UNDER here at plus money as Jackson gets away from Bill Belichick’s scheme and acclimates to a new defense.

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Kevin Byard Interceptions: OVER 3.5 (+120)

I love betting UNDERs in NFL season player props because injuries are so prevalent and a player’s season can be cut in half or worse with a simple strain of the hamstring. 

But, it’s more fun to bet OVERs and root for the success of the players, and few defensive backs have had as much success taking the ball away as Tennessee’s Kevin Byard over the last few years.

Byard has INT totals of 8, 4, 5, 1 and 5 over the last five seasons and is coming off an All-Pro season. His consistency is worth betting on, and you’re getting very attractive +120 odds here if you think he can manage just four picks all season.

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Logan Wilson Interceptions: UNDER 2.5 (-115)

Logan Wilson has proven to be a very good cover linebacker for the Bengals in his two seasons in the league, but I’m skeptical he can continue to put up big interception totals.

Linebackers simply don’t usually get very many INTs, and only two had more than three picks last season – Wilson and Indy’s Shaquille Leonard.

Wilson had four last year and two in his rookie season, but I’m smashing the UNDER here at 2.5. Only two other linebackers other than Wilson and Leonard had more than two last year.

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Who led the NFL in interceptions in 2021?

Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs led the NFL in interceptions in 2021 with 11.

Who led the NFL in passes defensed in 2021?

J.C. Jackson led the NFL in passes defensed in 2021 with 23.