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The Best Super Bowl 53 Exotic Betting Props

Year in and year out, there’s nothing quite like the Super Bowl for the sports betting community. Oddsmakers and bettors alike rejoice for the big game, and the number of ridiculous exotic props grows every season. Anything can and usually does happen, although we don’t think Kevin Hart has a sideline pass this year. 

If you’re looking for a full list of fun Super Bowl props, you’ve come to the right place. From the length of the national anthem to the number of tweets from Donald Trump to the price of Bitcoin, online sportsbook Bovada is offering a wide variety of hilarious prop specials.

For me, I think the most hilarious prop is will Billy McFarland be caught selling counterfeit tickets to the Super Bowl, but the juice on “no” is too high – although we probably just gave him an idea. No idea what I’m talking about? Check out the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix. 

There is an exotic prop bet that I really like, though, and that is Bud Light to be the first beer brand commercial to appear at -105. We know there will be an awesome Budweiser Clydesdale commercial to come, but I think that will be later in the show. My pick is a funny Bud Light ad to run in the first break!

Our ultimate Super Bowl prop page takes a look at every side betting opportunity, which you can find here.

See anything you like? Take a look:

Will CBS Broadcast Mention the Point Spread or the Total During the Game?
  • Yes     +180
  • No       -270
Will Rob Gronkowski Retire After the Game?
  • Yes     +550
  • No       -1000
Super Bowl WInner + S&P 500 Market Close on February 4, 2019
  • Patriots Win and S&P closes above the previous close   +190
  • Patriots Win and S&P closes below the previous close   +190
  • Rams Win and S&P closes above the previous close      +285
  • Rams Win and S&P closes below the previous close      +285
Will ANy Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than it Takes Gladys Knight to Sing The National Anthem?   
  • Yes    -140
  • No     EVEN
James Harden’s Streak or Super Bowl, What Will Finish First?   
  • James Harden’s 30-point per game streak           -120
  • Super Bowl 53                                                       -120
Total Donald Trump Tweets on February 3, 2019
  • OVER 6            -140
  • UNDER 6          EVEN
What Will Happen To The Price of Bitcoin During the Super Bowl?
  • Bitcoin price is more at game’s end     -130
  • Bitcoin price is less at game’s end       -110
What Color Liquid WIll be Poured on the Winning Coach? 
  • Clear / Water                   +160
  • Lime / Green / Yellow      +250
  • Orange                            +350
  • Blue                                 +400
  • Red                                  +750
  • Purple                              +1200
Will Donald Trump Attend the Game?
  • Yes           +375
  • No             -650
Will a fan Run Onto The Field During the Game?
  • Yes           +500
  • No             -900
Will a Non-QB Throw a Touchdown?
  • Yes           +250
  • No             -400
Will the Winning Team Visit the White House? 
  • Yes           -330
  • No            +215
Will the Roof for Mercedes-Benz Stadium be Open For Kickoff? 
  • Yes           EVEN
  • No             -140
How Many Commercials Will Run During the Super Bowl?
  • OVER 96            -120
  • UNDER 96          -120
Which COmmercial Will APPEAR FIRST?
  • Turkish Airlines       -450
  • WeatherTech          +275
Which COmmercial Will APPEAR FIRST?
  • Expensify                   -150
  • TurboTax (Intuit)        +110
Which COmmercial Will APPEAR FIRST?
  • Avocados From Mexico       -120
  • Planters (Kraft Heinz)          -120
Which COmmercial Will APPEAR FIRST?
  • Doritos               -250
  • Pringles            +170
Which COmmercial Will APPEAR FIRST?
  • Bubly            +105
  • Pepsi            -145 
Which COmmercial Will APPEAR FIRST?
  • Audi              -180
  • Kia               +140
Which COmmercial Will APPEAR FIRST?
  • Hyundai                     -250
  • Mercedes-Benz        +170
Which COmmercial Will APPEAR FIRST?
  • Bud Light                               -105
  • Budweiser                             +200
  • Stella Artois                           +550
  • Michelob Ultra                       +550
  • Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer      +550
Which COmmercial Will APPEAR FIRST?
  • Coke or variants        -170
  • Pepsi or variants       +130
Will ANy Player Take a Knee During the National Anthem?
  • Yes            +300
  • No              -500
Will Mark Wahlberg Attend the GAme and Leave EArly?
  • Yes            +550
  • No              -1000
How Many Plays WIll Tony Romo Correctly Predict? 
  • OVER 7.5           -120
  • UNDER 7.5        -120
What WIll Tony ROmo Be Doing at the Start of the 2019 Season? 
  • TV Analyst                                                    -500
  • Playing in the NFL                                        +300
  • Coaching as an Offensive Coordinator        +500
  • Coaching as a Defensive Coordinator         +1600
Will ANy Player Be Ejected for Throwing a Punch or Fighting? 
  • Yes         +650
  • No          -1400
How many Times Will the Broadcast Mention Sean McVay’s Age?  
  • OVER   1.5           -320
  • UNDER  1.5         +210
How many Times Will CBS Show Pictures of Sean McVay in College?  
  • OVER   1.5           -250
  • UNDER  1.5         +170
Will CBS Show Kent State vs Miami (OH) Highlights?   
  • Yes        -175
  • No         +135
Will A Player Propose to his Girlfriend on the Field After the Game?   
  • Yes       +300
  • No         -500
Will Billy McFarland Be CaUght Selling Counterfeit Super Bowl Tickets?   
  • Yes       +2500
  • No         -10000
What Will the Super bowl champions be served when they visit the White House?   
  • Fast Food              +225
  • Any other food       -350

All odds as of February 3 on  Bovada

Our main Super Bowl page has all of your wagering opportunities covered for the big game, so head over there now and get betting!